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Christians Hospitalized after Terrifying Christmas Attacks in India. Christians in India who previously experienced little or no opposition reported that Hindu extremists stoned, slashed and terrorized them this Christmas season. At least 18 incidents against Christians were reported and verified during the Christmas season, according to the Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI). Of those incidents, 10 were reported from Uttar Pradesh state, three from Uttarakhand state, three from Tamil Nadu state and two from Maharashtra state. Read more







A mob of some 300 Hindu extremists on Nov. 11 barged into the school in Amathur village, Virudhunagar District, and demanded Pastor Selva Raj who was leading a worship service to vacate the building immediately. The mob destroyed a shed in front of the building and began threatening the Sunday school children in foul language, said Raj. Read more







Christian Gathering Attacked Ahead of Christmas in Maharashtra state, 12 Injured. A Christian gathering was attacked ahead of Christmas on Sunday, Dec. 23, in a village in Maharashtra's Kolhapur district. A attackers of about 15 to 20 people barged into the New Life Church in Kowad village and attacked the gathering of about 40 people who were offering prayers on Sunday afternoon. Read more







Christians in India Seek Police Protection for Christmas. 







The 40-strong congregation attending the Sunday service was attacked with swords, iron rods and the bottles at the New Life Fellowship Church in Kolhapur’s Kowad, around 474km from Mumbai and close to the Karnataka border. Eight of the injured were admitted to two hospitals in Karnataka’s Belgaum, around 20km away from the attack site. Four are still admitted in the intensive care. Read more








A pastor in India said a mob of 300 Hindu extremists terrorized Christian children and threatened to beat them for attending a Sunday school class he was leading. Pastor Selva Raj of Amathur village in India’s Tamil Nadu state told Morning Star News that the attack happened on Nov. 11. The mob of 300 or so radicals destroyed a shed near the worship building before descending upon children in a Sunday school class. Read more






Statue of the Virgin desecrated in the state of Assam: two people arrested. The incident occurred in the village of Chapatoli. The detainees are accused of having desecrated the Catholic Church of St. Thomas. A group of 16 "Christmas carolers" assaulted in Tamil Nadu by a crowd of 150 people. Read more






A Protestant pastor, Rev Sojan, was arrested last Saturday in Bakhtiyarpur, a village in Patna District (Bihar), for screening Yeshu Masih (Jesus Christ), a film about the life of Jesus. The incident shows that tensions between Hindu radicals and Christians are far from ending. Read more









Christians can heave sighs of relief as the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP has been thrown out of power in three key states in central India that have reported dozens of incidents of anti-Christian violence and harassment. The BJP, which had enjoyed unstinted power in two of the states – Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh – for 15 years, winning three consecutive elections in both, was unseated when the final results of the election held in November and early December were announced today. Read more











A mob of over 150 Hindu radicals broke into a Christian worship service in Kanpur, in Uttar Pradesh on Dec. 2. The attackers forced themselves into a private hall in the KDA Colony of Kanpur, disrupting Pr A. B. Singh's Sunday service and threatening the worshippers, persecution watchdog International Christian Concern reported (ICC).
Singh's wife, Kalpana Singh, was manhandled and beaten by members of the mob when she tried to protect her husband. Also, other women in the church were attacked. The mob then chased all the worshippers from the service and threatened Singh to stop holding Christian services in Kanpur. Read more







India has been listed among the five countries where religious freedom at risk, says an official report. Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic NGO, has found incidents of religious persecution in 21 countries in two years to June 2018, including Niger, Myanmar, India and China. Religious freedom is under threat in one of every five countries around the globe, said the report. Read more








Attack on Private Gathering in Northern India Typifies Hindu Extremist Strategy. A Hindu extremist strategy for stopping the spread of Christianity by targeting pastors – and their families – was painfully evident in a recent attack on a Christmas planning meeting in northern India. As has become routine in India, police arrested badly beaten Christians and charged them with causing religious enmity, sources said. Read more



ESSAY: Fr. Prakash: on human rights, India has touched 'terrible abysses'. The Jesuit retraces the four years of Narendra Modi's nationalist government. Read more


Christians stage peace rally in Varanasi against forced church closures. Christian Churches in eastern Uttar Pradesh gathered on Saturday in Varanasi, the holy city of Hinduism, for a great "peace rally" because of Christian persecution,” said Rev David. This problem affects especially the District of Varanasi where right-wing Hindus have forced “hundreds of house churches to close,”. Read more









Christian leaders suspect that the BJP was responsible for the elimination of the names of many Christians from electoral lists in Madhya Pradesh. Hundreds of Christians in India’s Madhya Pradesh state found their names missing from the lists of voters in elections for the State Assembly on 28 November, AsiaNews reports.
One of them was the Bishop of Bhopal, Leo Cornelio, who told AsiaNews that after waiting at the polling station for 45 minutes and presenting his electoral card, he was not able to vote. Read more










Hindu Extremist Mob Tries to Burn Pastor Alive in Odisha State, India
Christian leader attacked while driving with family in car. Pastor John Lakra was taking his 18-month-old baby to the hospital for emergency treatment in Odisha state, India when hundreds of Hindu extremists surrounded his car. 
The pastor, his wife and their three children were on the way to the hospital in Sundargarh at about 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 when the mob began hurling stones at them and hitting the windows with rods as they shouted curses at him, he said. Read more








Villagers hostile toward Christians in northern India falsely accused a pastor of an illicit relationship with a woman and, in another village, burned a church building, sources said. As people throughout the country on Nov. 7 prepared to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, neighbors alerted pastor Satpal Masih that his Pentecostal church building in Giddi village, Gurdaspur District in Punjab state, was ablaze... Read more











Hindu extremists and tribal animists team up to transform church building into Sarna religion complexFive families in eastern India were at a worship service last month when they received a phone call telling them to return to their homes immediately. The Christians rushed nearly four miles from their church in Lisiya village to their homes in Durula, West Singhbhum District in Jharkhand state, where they found the shanty of one of the families in ruins. Villagers under the influence of tribal movement Adivasi Ho Samaj had left the home of Sidiu Bari and his family in shambles. Read more













Indian Christian forum demands withdrawal of ‘bogus’ charges of forced conversions. The forum prepared a charter of demands reflecting concerns over the security of Christians, who constitute only two per cent of Chhattisgarh’s 25 million population. The state is currently ruled by the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The demands included the withdrawal of around 400 land-related cases described as “fake” by the forum; “bogus” conversion charges against Christians; the end of discrimination against Christians in getting government jobs; Christians’ adequate representation in the state’s Minorities Commission; and scholarships for Christian students who need financial help. Read more








India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, saw a “record level” of anti-Christian violence last month, according to a survey by Violence Monitor, a monthly magazine that reports incidents of violence against minorities, as reported by AsiaNews. The magazine revealed that out of 25 cases of religious intolerance reported in the state in September, 20 took place in Jaunpur, the constituency of the prime minister, Narendra Modi. Read more



Police Attack, Threaten Christians in Tamil Nadu State, Officers of the law beat or harass various congregations.






Pastor Mathai Varghese, still in clothes he wore when attacked, at church celebration service after his release from jail in Rajasthan, India. – When Pastor Mathai Varghese was beaten and abducted by Hindu extremists in Rajasthan state, India, police gave chase and arrested the kidnappers – as well as the pastor. Read more






 Hindu nationalists vandalised two Christian places of worship in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Assam in the last two weeks, reports AsiaNews. On 29 September a statue of Saint John Bosco, also known as Don Bosco, was desecrated in the city of Tezpur, Assam, northeast India. .... Read more






The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Tuesday directed the Nagercoil police not to file a charge sheet against evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus until further orders after it was established that the FIR registered against him for his remarks against Hindu gods carried no particulars of place, time or date of the alleged.... Read more








Christians in southern India are increasingly living in fear as the level of violence against them continues to rise, sources said. The southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala saw at least 60 cases of persecution of Christians in the first nine months of 2018, compared with 36 such attacks in the first nine months of 2017, according to religious freedom advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)-India. Read more







In Uttar Pradesh three Pentecostal Christians have been arrested on false charges of forced conversions. The arrest took place on October 5th on the basis of mere gossip. The arrested are: Kripashankar, Vijay Prajapati and Ram Dulare Ram. Speaking to AsiaNews Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), laments "a surge in incidents against Christians in... Read More.








OPINION: The Konark temple case shows some penal provisions are handy tools of harassment. The Supreme Court’s observations, while denying bail to defence analyst Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, to the effect that he incited religious feelings in a video posted on social media, were out of place in what was a bail hearing. Such endorsement by the Court, which observed that Mr. Iyer-Mitra would be “safer in jail”, in response to his counsel’s plea that he feared for his .. Read more







Hindu radicals attack churches in Uttar Pradesh and Assam
Already two episodes of violence since the beginning of the month. The church of Saint Thomas vandalized in Varanasi; in Assam a statue of Don Bosco desecrated. The climate of impunity "encourages extremist groups" Read more




 Jaunpur is home for 180,362 people, of which, 0.11 percent is Christian population. On Sept 25, ADF India listed out all the 12 aggressive onslaughts from Hindu fundamental groups. Read more








In order to win the political elections in 2019, Hindu nationalists are willing to persecute Christians, blaming them for forced conversions of Dalits and tribals and depicting them as descendants of the ancient British rulers, says Shibu Thomas, founder of the Persecution Relief network, is responsible for the defense of discriminated Christians in India. Speaking to AsiaNews the activist says on the eve of the next elections, the group has seen a surge in violence against.. Read more













The Association of Catholic Historians of India (ACHI) has chosen to deliberate on the contribution of missionaries for nation building for its forthcoming annual conference in Bangalore, next June.
“The right-wing Hindu organizations such as RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and the pro-Hindu BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) with their hidden and malicious agenda seek to destroy the contribution of Christian missionaries in India. That is exactly the problem we are facing for longer. Many a time the work of Christian missionaries is interpreted negatively. We need to put them in the right perspective,” Divine Word Father Rayappan Jesuraj, a member of the executive council of ACHI, told Matters India. Read more







A 16-year-old Christian and three others in eastern India have been in jail for more than a month on a baseless rape charge, sources said.
Tarai Beda village leaders in Kondagaon District, Chhattisgarh state who worship tribal and Hindu deities had Piso Ram arrested days after a 16-year-old girl accompanied him to his house in early August, relatives said. Read more







Hindu Extremists Accelerate Clampdown on Christians in Uttar Pradesh, India. Pastors in hiding after police, media deployed against them. Under the influence of Hindu extremists, police and media campaigns against Christians in Uttar Pradesh state, India have mushroomed since one such attack sent a pastor into hiding last month, sources said. Read more









2 years after Supreme Court order, no investigation into ‘shocking’ number of Kandhamal acquittals. Almost 100 Christians were killed in the Kandhamal district of Odisha in August 2008 following claims Christians were behind the killing of a Hindu leader, Swami Laxmanananda Sarawati. Three hundred churches and 6,000 Christian homes were also attacked, rendering 56,000 people homeless. Yet, despite 6,495 arrests and 827 criminal Read more





Hindu Extremists, Media Attack Large Church in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Dismissing an initial investigation that cleared Christians of wrongdoing, police under pressure from Hindu extremists are pursuing false charges against a pastor and 270 others  Read more






Fr. Cedric Prakash on India's most infamous day when activists were arrested. Intellectuals arrested for fighting for the rights of the Dalits and criticizing the Hindu nationalist government. The aim of the police raids is to polarize the political debate in view of the general elections of 2019. Against activists, "fabricated accusations". Read more







Hindu Extremists Suspected in False Charges against Pastor in India, Sources Say. Christians face various kinds of persecution in Jharkhand state. Hindu extremists In Phulpahari village, Jharkhand state celebrate after 16 Christians were sent to jail.
A pastor could face life in prison after police in eastern India falsely charged him with leading a tribal rebel movement, ...Read more






Five critics of Prime Minister Modi arrested. Attempt to 'create a culture of silence' Seized documents, mobile phones and PCs for a total of 25 thousand gigabytes of data. Police accuse human rights defenders of inciting protests from the Dalits. A priest in Ranchi has also been arrested and released. Read more










Letter to Pope Francis urges to declare the victims of Kandhamal as 'martyrs of the faith'’. In 2008 120 Christians died and 300 churches were destroyed. The mother of a raped nun remembers the attack against her daughter. Pope Francis should acknowledge that the Christian victims of the 2008 pogroms in Kandhamal, Odisha (Orissa), are "martyrs of the faith", this according to an open letter penned by John Dayal, an Indian activist and former national president of the All India Catholic ...Read more









Kandhamal Christians still waiting for justice one decade after massacre. Some 56,000 Christians fled their homes during the rioting, moving to camps such as this one in Raikia.
Ten years after the worst case of anti-Christian violence in India’s history, the local community continues to struggle, with reparations from the government slow in coming and seven reportedly innocent Christians still in prison. Read more








Hindu Extremists in India Create Nightmare for Pastor’s Family.
When a Hindu in northern India got rid of the idols in his house after several visits to a church, Hindu nationalists found the perfect opportunity to make life a nightmare for a pastor’s family, sources said. Since the Hindu nationalists accused pastor Avianshu Kalra of desecration of Hindu idols and forcible conversion in Ambala, Haryana state, he and his family have had to leave their home... Read more









India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has for the first time condemned violence against minorities, saying that everyone has a duty to fight the “menace” of mob lynchings. But his critics say that, after four years in power at the head of a Hindu nationalist government, the comments have come too late. Under Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the number of violent acts against Christians, Muslims and tribal Dalits (members of the India’s lowest caste) have increased. Read more










Police in India Demand Money to Release Falsely Accused Christians, Sources Say. About an hour before midnight on July 31, three policemen and a Hindu neighbor barged into a Christian woman’s house in northern India and ordered her and her husband to either give them money or go to jail. The couple was immersed in prayer with their children and two other Christians in their home in Uttar Pradesh state’s Sarai Gunja village, in Jaunpur District. The officers told them they couldn’t pray in their house and had come to arrest them, Rajak told Morning Star News. Read more









Whilst acts of hooliganism and violence against Christians intensify in Uttar Pradesh, India’s “secular” authorities continue to show "preferences" for Hindus. Yesterday, senior police and government officials in Meerut (62 km north-east of Delhi), threw rose petals from a helicopter to greet Kanwar pilgrims. A video, shared on social media, shows Additional Director General of Police Prashant Kumar throwing rose petals during an aerial tour. He was accompanied by Meerut’s commissioner.  Read more







A nine-year-old girl from an Indian family that had recently converted to Christianity was gang-raped and murdered on Sunday, 5 August, in Punjab state. Anjali Masih was playing with her friends in the city of Gurdaspur, near the Pakistan border, when a group of men lured her away by showing her a guava. She was then gang-raped and strangled with a telephone wire. Read more






We’ll close one church every week, Indian Christians told

Christian villagers in a rural district of India’s Maharashtra state have been told that one church will be closed down every week because they have been “destroying” local tradition and culture by “luring” others to convert to Christianity. Read more









Three Christian ministry partners of Michigan Based Mission India were arrested last week on forced conversion charges.

The ministers were involved in sharing the Gospel through Adult Literacy Classes, Children's Bible Clubs, and Church Planter Training.

Christians are no strangers to persecution; however, this series of arrests was unusual, said Erik Morsehead, head of Mission India.

"To have three partners arrested like that in quick succession was somewhat rare for us to see," he said. Read more









Chennai, a church demolished to widen a road. Brawl between policemen and faithful. The demolition was carried out by the Department of Public Works of Tamil Nadu, who arrived on board the bulldozers and accompanied by policemen. During the demolition work, a fight broke out between the city administration officials - on the one hand - and the residents and Christian faithful - on the other. The Rev. Sam Raj Kumar, pastor of the church, complains that "the church has been here for 50 years... ".  Read more






Hindu extremist violence on the rise in southern Indian states

Religious freedom advocate ADF India has noted a rise in incidents of religiously motivated violence in India’s two Telugu language-speaking southern states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, including the brutal murder of an elderly Christian woman. Read more







A group of Haryana families in northern India has embraced the Christian religion and therefore risk marginalization and exclusion from society. The new converts belong to the Hindu Agrawal community does not tolerate religious conversions. Village emergency meeting called to decide how to treat the "disobedient". In the State, Christians represent 0.17% of the population. Read more








India’s Christians treated like terrorists, Catholic bishops say

Over the past few months, several Christian organisations have been investigated and requested to produce their financial details within 24 hours. Christians in India are treated as “terrorists” by the government, according to a group of Catholic bishops, who claim it uses its Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) to investigate Christian institutions, Catholic news agency UCAN reports. Read more








Bishops in the state of Jharkhand react to crackdown against Christian NGOs, slam discrimination against Christians

The bishops deliver a memorandum to the state governor. The investigations have intensified after the sale of newborns involving the Sisters of Mother Teresa. For Bishops’ Council’s secretary general, the government is trying to show that the officials of Christian organisations are terrorists. Read more










Indian government body wants church confessions banned

The state advisory body said in its statement that confessions can lead to blackmail and that “priests pressure women into telling their secrets”. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, said he was “shocked” to discover the demand in the press. “This demand by the commission betrays a total lack of understanding of the nature, meaning, sanctity and importance of this sacrament for our people and also an ignorance of the strict laws of the Church to prevent any abuse,” he said. Read more










India branded by the US as a nation that does not respect the values of Religious Freedom of its citizens.

The First ever Ministerial level meeting being held at the State Department from July 24 thru 26th has invited over 90 countries from around the world that respects and values the religious freedom of its citizens. However, the non-invitation to India is glaring along with Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and other countries that grossly violate the religious freedom of their own citizens. FIACONA








Uttar Pradesh, Christian pastor and his son beaten. They had driven a stray dog?from their church.

A Pentecostal Christian pastor of Uttar Pradesh and his son were savagely beaten by an angry mob of radical Hindus "dressed up" as animal lovers. The Christians were attacked for driving a stray dog from the entrance of a church, triggering the violent reaction of about 30 people incited by an animal rights activist. Read more






Anti-Christian violence in India’s Uttar Pradesh ‘part of the state machinery’. The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, one of several to be ruled by the governing BJP party, is emerging as a new centre of anti-Christian violence as politicians use a fundamentalist form of Hinduism to intimidate minority communities. Read more






Hindu Extremist Sexually Assaults Pastor’s Wife at Church Service in India. After failed rape attempt and beating, police charge victim and her husband, sources say. Pratibha Stephen was immersed in worship at the house church her husband pastors in Tamil Nadu state, India when a man suddenly burst through the back door, read more









Hindu radicals attack Christian college in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Members of the student wing of a nationalist organisation attacked St Andrew's College, barging into its offices to accuse the dean of corruption. Clashes with college staff followed. "Educational establishments are targeted and attacked in Uttar Pradesh. The Pentecostal church is the most vulnerable to attacks, assaults, arrests, discriminations and humiliation,” Christian leader says.  Read more






Pastor in Hiding from Hindu Extremists – and Police – after Attack on His Church in India. Families terrorized in assault on congregation built on healing ministry: Brandishing hockey sticks and a gun that was fired on house-church grounds, masked Hindu extremists assaulted Christians in Uttar Pradesh, India. Read more







Arson Attacks Hit Churches in Tamil Nadu, India Hindu extremists suspected. Three church buildings were set ablaze in six weeks in the state in southern India with the most attacks against Christians this year, sources said: In one case, a church building in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state was burned to ashes after Christians refused to donate to an annual Hindu festival, they said. Read more








Total impunity’ in India, as Muslims and Christians ‘bear brunt of ruling ideology’ Frequent reports of violent attacks against India’s religious minorities show the “total impunity” enjoyed by their Hindu nationalist attackers, says one civil rights activist. In one recent attack, a pastor, his wife and their congregation were attacked at their ‘house church’ in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state on Sunday (8 July), advocacy group CSW reported. Read more





Hindu BJP leaders were found to be the most responsible for hate speech committed in India between 2014-2018. The north-eastern Indian state of Bihar leads the way for hate speech in India, according to a new study published by Telegraph India. Read more






16 more Christians detained under Jharkhand’s ‘anti-conversion law’

A group of 16 Indian tribal Christians who visited another tribal family in the eastern state of Jharkhand to talk to them about Christianity are in police custody after the local village head accused them of “conversion by inducement”. Read more






Christians in Rajasthan, India Harassed with False Charges, Church Leaders Say. Jailed evangelists preach to would-be murderers.
When evangelists in India were accused of fraudulent conversion in a village at a time when they were hundreds of miles from it, they knew powers beyond their control were at play. Read more






Hindu Extremists Launch Multifaceted Attack on Pastor, Son in Southern India. Church leader threatened with execution.

Falsely accused of running a brothel, a badly beaten pastor in Tamil Nadu state jumped out of a moving car to save himself from Hindu extremists who were threatening to kill him. Read more








Five women working for a Christian missionary group were abducted and gang-raped in Jharkhand by men who filmed their crime, police said on June 22, in the latest horrific sex assault in the country.

The victims were abducted while they were performing a street play to raise awareness of human trafficking in the Khunti district.

The unidentified assailants, who raped the women at gunpoint, video recorded their actions. Read more






Indian bishops say, rape charges against a priest in Jharkhand are fabricated. The parish priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Kochang is accused of aiding and abetting. The women had participated in a program against trafficking in human beings. Read more





With more Indian states introducing and implementing anti-conversion legislation, some churches now require new converts to sign an affidavit, in which they declare that they are attending church out of their own free will and were not forced. Read more





The Indian state of Jharkhand plans to end reservation for converted tribals. The Jharkhand government seems determined to end reservation benefits for those tribal people who have converted to Christianity or other religions, a newspaper says. Read more






A Christian couple in Jharkhand, who was about to get married, was arrested on 'forcible conversion' charge after the bride's drugged father filed a complaint. According to Morning Star News, the bride, Tripti, 18, said her villagers drugged her father and used him to falsely frame the pastor and the couple. Read more









Police slow to register case after church burnt down by suspected Hindu extremists.
A church in Puducherry in southern India was set ablaze recently, after upper-caste Hindu neighbours had objected to worship services in the area. Puducherry, formerly Pondicherry, was a French colonial settlement until 1954.Pastor David Santosham and members of the Bible Presbyterian church in Karaikal District left for home after concluding fasting prayers on 25 May.  Read more








Four Evangelicals arrested for alleged 'forced conversions' in the state of Jharkhand, India: The complaint started with the father of a young tribal ethnic Sarna who wanted to marry a Christian man. The girl, the future husband and two Christians allegedly tried to convert even the elderly father of the bride. Anti-conversion law provides for severe penalties for those who force the conversion of minors and tribals.  Read more










Christians Arrested at Wedding Site on ‘Forcible Conversion’ Charge in India, Relatives Say Pastor, guest also jailed.Two weeks ago a Christian couple in eastern India was about to get married, not knowing the bride’s father had filed a false complaint of forcible conversion against them, relatives said.As they were preparing for the wedding on May 28, police in Jharkhand state arrived at the site of the ceremony and arrested the bride and groom, along with pastor Sudarshan Manjhi, who was to officiate, and a Christian woman invited to attend, they said. Read more









More attacks against Catholic schools feared as new school year starts in Madhya Pradesh.  Next week, classes start again. The Church runs 507 schools in the Indian state. In recent months, Hindu radicals have attacked some schools. The attacks have caused "disturbance in the young minds" of the pupils. Catholic schools welcome students of every religion and social group. For a local priest, "They are all our children." Read more








OPINION: Can only sadhus and not bishops comment on issues of national concern? By Ram Puniyani

The archbishops of Delhi and Goa recently asked their parishioners to pray for the nation, as human rights were under attack. Subsequently, a Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Surendra Jain on June 7 stated that the church in India was trying to destabilize the Modi government. Read more





15 Christians accused of ‘conversion’ in the Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. Police in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand have arrested four and are investigating 11 other Christians on charges of conversion, reported Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).








15 Christians are accused of ‘conversion’ in the Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. Police in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand have arrested four and are investigating 11 other Christians on charges of conversion, reported Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

The arrest of the four in the village of Podkher, Simdega district, on 29 May is the first reported case since Jharkhand introduced anti-conversion legislation in September 2017. Read more








Christian Majority Indian state plunges into violence after the Hiindu nationalist BJP party gcomes to power. Leaders of various Churches in northeastern India have expressed deep pain and anguish at the recent violent incidents that shattered peace in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya state. They met amid attempts by certain section of the media and groups to project the incidents as clashes between Christians and Sikhs in Shillong. Read more










Hindu nationalists call for Christian-free India. Hindu nationalists trampled a photo of Pope Francis near Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi in a video calling for a Christian-free India which was recently posted online. The video shows a group of about 20 people chanting “Pope Francis murdabad,” meaning “down with Pope Francis,” after a speech by a man believed to be the controversial Hindu leader Om Swami Maharaj. Muharaj accused Christians of promoting terrorism and threatened forcefully to expel them from India, reported UCA News. Read more






Hindu radicals order Archbishop of Goa: 'Stay out of politics' (Video)

Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao is criticized for his pastoral letter dedicated above all to poverty. The initiative of the archbishop of Delhi. The alleged conspiracy against the government of Narendra Modi by the Vatican, Pope Francis and Sonia Gandhi. Read more





Seventy-four children have had to leave their Christian-run hostel in India’s north-western state of Rajasthan, after the high court dismissed a petition challenging the child welfare committee’s seizure of the central office of Emmanuel Mission India. Read more











NY TIMES OPINION: A fair and independent electoral process, an independent judiciary, a Parliament with a noisy opposition, a relatively free press and an army that has stayed away from politics have defined India since it adopted its Constitution in 1950. India stood apart in the developing world as a country where the Constitution served as the basis for the operations of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. But it has taken just four years of the Bharatiya Janata Party government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the country to realize how fragile that achievement was, how close it has come to being subverted. Read more







Police Complicit in Hindu Extremist Persecution of Christians in Tamil Nadu, India, Officers refuse to help pastor’s mother suffering seizure in custody. After three policemen in southern India interrupted a pastor as he preached this month, his 58-year-old mother accompanied him to the police station. Officers told them to sit on the floor. Read more






2017 saw 20% increase in atrocities against Christians, says lawyer

Amid growing extreme Hindu nationalism in India, dozens of speakers have called for concerted action to uphold the country’s constitution and fundamental rights, at a conference to mark four years of government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Read more










Pastor’s Wife Hides Husband from Hindu Extremists Seeking to Kill Him in Northern India. Police disparage Christians for holding worship services, sources say. In an attack on a church service in northern India that left a 55-year-old man unconscious, the wife of a pastor hid her husband after Hindu extremists said they would kill him, sources said. Women and children were not spared in the attack by 25 masked extremists armed with wooden sticks last month on the Full Gospel Pentecostal Church in Baburia Kheda, Uttar Pradesh state, after which police treated church members as criminals. Read more







Card. Gracias: Church responds to threats with harmony, integration and dialogue. The president of the Indian bishops intervenes on the polemics raised by the appeal to prayer for the 2019 elections launched by the Archbishop of Delhi. With the Interior Minister he speaks of the Churches’ mission, its commitment to the poor, women, marginalized and children in every corner of the country. Read more.









Scrap ties with Vatican, close nunciature: Subramanian Swamy
Mumbai: Subramanian Swamy of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end India’s relations with the Vatican and close the apostolic nunciature in New Delhi. Swami, a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house in parliament, on May 23 criticized a letter Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi wrote to the Catholics of his archdiocese urging them to pray and fast for the nation. Read more








Cardinal Gracias warns of polarization in society, people feel threatened The president of the Indian bishops meets Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister of India, after the polemics raised by the pastoral letter of the archbishop of Delhi. The prelate criticized because he invites prayer and fasting in view of the 2019 elections. The most important movement of lay Catholics joins the initiative of Msgr. Couto and asks all bishops to follow his example. Read more









After desecration, Goa church body questions police claim

Panaji: In the wake of the desecration of a holy cross in a South Goa village, a Goa Church body on Thursday questioned police claims of solving cases of earlier desecrations reported from the coastal state.

The Council for Social Justice and Peace, a social arm of the Goa Church, also said that these desecrations followed a definite pattern so as to instill fear and provoke negative feelings among “certain communities”. Read more







Archbishop of Delhi calls for prayer in run-up to 2019 elections

The Archbishop of Delhi’s call for a ‘prayer campaign’ in India, ahead of next year’s elections has been criticised by the governing party.

In a circular to all Catholic churches in the capital, dated 8 May, Archbishop Anil Couto asked for a weekly day of fasting “for the nation”, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. Read more









Catholics say BJP doctored letter to garner votes ahead of Karnataka elections. The Catholic Church in India has deplored a “fake” letter widely circulated in social and mainstream media alleging a Catholic conspiracy ahead of tomorrow’s elections in southern Karnataka state.

“This is totally unacceptable. This is a blatant attempt to spread lies,” Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), told World Watch Monitor today (11 May). Read more








Hindu Extremists’ Level Spurious Accusation of ‘Conversion Racket’ in India, Sources Say Police officers beat, ridicule Christians.

Christians in eastern India were worshipping on April 29 when Hindu extremists attacked and had them arrested on baseless accusations of operating a “conversion racket,” sources said. Three of seven Christians arrested have been in jail since then, and yesterday a judge in Danapur, Bihar state, rejected their plea for bail. Read more







Court orders extra payment to Christian widows of 14 who died in India riots. Following a long-fought campaign, the High Court of Odisha state in eastern India has ensured the disbursal of extra compensation awarded two years ago to dependants of 14 Christians killed in the widespread anti-Christian violence that engulfed Kandhamal district in 2008. Read more









STATEMENT: The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is greatly disappointed, to say the least that the USCIRF has chosen to keep India on Tier II of, the Countries of Particular Concern, instead of Tier I countries, in spite of the unprecedented violence against Christians and other religious minorities for the past three years under Prime Minister Modi and his party’s rule in India. READ THE STATEMENT







4 Countries in Asia Pass Laws Banning Religious Conversions
Four countries in South and Southeast Asia have laws that ban conversion of their citizens away from the majority religion, and two other countries are considering implementing the legislation, apart from numerous other nations in the region that prohibit blasphemy and apostasy, aimed mostly at Christian missionary... Read more







Two Pentecostal Christians arrested for 'forced conversions' in Uttar Pradesh. Rev Gyan Singh and fellow Pentecostal Rambhajan will be released this afternoon without charges. Villagers were "instigated to falsely accuse them of forced conversions." For Christian leader, the Constitution "consecrates the rights [of all confessions] and allows people to announce their faith”. Read more







Carmelite nuns celebrate 150 years of educating girls
Bengaluru: A century and a half ago, three Catholic nuns from France started a school in Mangalore (now Mangaluru) to educate girl children. Their gesture was considered revolutionary because only boys went to school in that era. Girls stayed home to learn cooking, stitching and cleaning in preparation for a successful ...Read more









Gunmen Execute Gruesome Killing of Pastor in Jharkhand State, India
Maoists take responsibility, but Christians see hand of Hindu extremists. Maoists took responsibility for the gruesome slaying of a pastor in eastern India last night (May 1), but area Christians said they suspected Hindu extremists put them up to it.

Abraham Topno, pastor of Pentecostal Church of God, was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Ranchi District, Jharkhand state, who slit his throat and beheaded him, his driver told family... Read more







Uttarakhand becomes 7th state to pass ‘anti-conversion law’
The northern state of Uttarakhand has become the seventh state in India to adopt a so-called “anti-conversion law”. State Governor Krishna Kant Paul signed the ‘Freedom of Religion Bill’ into law on 18 April, just over a month after the bill was approved by the state assembly and allowed to progress to the governor’s...Read more








Expert: the bogey of Christian infiltration in India is a 'political hoax'
Deep K Datta-Ray. The aversion to foreign missionaries derives from how Indians perceived European colonization. The appeals to "reform" and “reinvent” Indian traditions. The idea is spread that the West is the leader of science only because "it has stolen Indian science". "Western Christians have stolen India's legacy and put it in jeopardy to make Western scientists stronger than everyone else."Read more








‘Anti-Conversion’ Bill Becomes Law in Uttarakhand State, India
Northern state becomes seventh to put into effect legislation routinely used to jail Christians with baseless accusations. Uttarakhand has become the seventh state in India to put “anti-conversion” legislation in force. Gov. Krishna Kant Paul on April 18 signed the “Freedom of Religion” bill (Dharma Swatantrata Adhiniyam), which the state Legislative Assembly passed. Read more







Pentecostal pastors abused in a Tamil Nadu Hindu temple.

The attack took place in the Kanyakumari district. In the last three months, at least 15 episodes of violence against Pentecostals. Sectarian question is a sensitive topic in the district. Two Pentecostal Christian pastors were dragged into a Hindu temple, seated in the corridors and covered with ash on their faces. Read more








Christians Face 2 Years in Prison for Evangelism in 8th India State to Pass 'Anti-Conversion' Law. The North Indian state of Uttarakhand is now the eighth state in the country to pass legislation that is officially named the "Freedom of Religion Act" but has the allegedly hidden intent to punish those who facilitate religious conversions, especially conversions from Hinduism to Christianity. The latest law carries a jail term of up to two years. Read more








Case of murdered Dalit pastor not taken seriously, say victim’s friends
An elderly pastor in southern India has been found dead days after complaining to the police about a sum of money missing from his bank account. Neighbours of Vunnam Daniel, 65, from Tenali Mandal village in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh, alerted police after they heard his mobile phone constantly ringing without being answered. He was found dead on 24 April. Read more









20,000 Christians in TN Protest Against Violence, Harassment

Over 20,000 Christians from various denominations protested across Tamil Nadu on April 17 demanding the government to take action to stop increasing harassment and violence against Christians.

The protesters took to the streets in at least 16 cities and towns shouting slogans against government inaction to check violence against Christian community allegedly carried out by upper-caste Hindu groups. Read more






violence against Christians in Tamil Nadu continues

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu continues to see outbreaks of religiously motivated violence, with one recent case involving a Christian labourer who says he was attacked by a neighbour who accused him of trying to convert Hindus. Read more









Odisha’s Easter day incidents: Probe team alleges conspiracy
A civil society fact-finding team that investigated attacks on churches and a Hindu temple in Odisha on Eastern Sunday sees evidence of conspiracy to divide Christian and Hindu tribal communities in the eastern Indian state. “The attacks were highly planned and purposefully executed. It was well planned to create fear and tension among Christians and others,” the five-member team told a press conference on April 23 in Bhubaneswar, the state Read more









Police Slow to Respond to Vicious Attack on Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India. In a village in northern India, pastor Rakesh Kumar Masih passed out from the pain of Hindu extremists beating his genitals, and they left him for dead. The sun was shining bright when the Hindu nationalists stormed into the house of one of his church members, where some Christians had gathered on March 19 in Nagla Nishankh village, Firozabad District in Uttar Pradesh state, and dragged him out, he said. Read more







Indian police play down mob attack on Christian meeting

Christian families have fled their homes in eastern India after telling police a Hindu nationalist mob had attacked a church fellowship meal, only to be met with attempts to silence them.

Pastor Kasi Ram told World Watch Monitor that only three Christian families remained in the village of Bakel –  Read more









Three Christian places of worship attacked in Kerala, India

The most recent episode took place yesterday, when some unknown criminals entered the cemetery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Ukkinadka, in the district of Kasaragod, and destroyed the cross that stood in the burial place. Then the vandals damaged another seven tombs. On 10 April a pastoral center was attacked, where 150 students were in retreat. On Holy Saturday, an Orthodox priest was insulted and a church damaged. Read more








BJP lawmakers top in crimes against women: Study

As many as 51 MPs and MLAs have declared cases of crime against women, including of alleged rape and abduction, a study said on Wednesday. 48 out of the 51 are Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and three are Members of Parliament (MPs), said a study by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a non-government organisation working for electoral reforms. Read more






Anger as Hindu religious leaders given ministerial status

Christian and Muslim leaders have voiced concerns after five Hindu religious leaders were accorded “minister of state” status by the nationalist BJP (Bharatiya Janarta Party) government in India’s Madhya Pradesh state, Catholic news agency UCAN Read more







Pastor Brutally Slashed by Hindu Extremist; Assailant Confesses Hatred Towards Christianity. A Hindu extremist has admitted to attempting to murder a pastor in Andhra Pradesh as the pastor was praying at night, according to police. On March 29, while Pr Madira Koti Reddy, 55, head of a house church in Rentachintala village, Guntur District, was studying Bible and praying at Read more







Orissa, another statue of Our Lady destroyed. The police arrest a mentally ill man. Sajan K George comments on the incidents that occurred at Easter in the diocese of Rourkela,: "Certainly these are small incidents, but the aggression to a place of worship deeply wounds our Christian sentiment and increases the sense of fear and vulnerability of the miniscule Christian community ". Read more









Life miserable under Prime Minister Modi's rule: Church of South India Bishop. Church of South India (CSI), the second largest Church in India has come out against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre.

In an open letter on Friday, Bishop Thomas K. Oommen, moderator (head) of the Church, said the NDA government (headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi) has “become a nightmare to the poor and the (religious) minorities in India.” Read more











Indian Christians charged with ‘hurting religious sentiments’ by handing out Easter tracts: (Worldwatch Monitor)

Four Christians, including the wife of a church leader, have been charged with “hurting religious sentiments” after they handed out Christian tracts during an Easter procession in India’s southern Telangana state. They were taken into custody by police in the state capital, Hyderabad, at around 5.30 pm on Easter Sunday following a complaint by the leader of a local group affiliated with the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. They were later charged and released on bail on Tuesday, 3 April. Read more





Goa, Easter vigil: stones thrown at Carmelite monastery

Some criminals have stoned the Carmelite monastery of Margao, in the Indian state of Goa. The incident occurred during the Easter vigil and ruined the celebrations under way at that time.  Read more







Elderly Woman Murdered for Leaving Hinduism for Jesus Christ

An elderly woman in Andhra Pradesh was killed on March 21 for leaving Hinduism for Christianity ten years ago. Chadarajupalli Subbaravamma, who was in her mid 60s, was on her terrace that evening reading her Bible and praying when a man climbed the stairs and killed her. Her husband Jayaramaiah reported that.. Read more






Orissa, statues of the Virgin and Child Jesus destroyed at Easter

Two parishes of the diocese of Rourkela, in the Indian state of Orissa, were attacked on Easter Sunday. In the village of Bihabandh, some criminals set ablaze to an old chamber adjacent to the sacristy, used as a storehouse for sacred objects.  Read more






A Baptist pastor’s Home Burnt down on Easter Morning in Manipur, India: Pastor TH. Manu Tamang’s home was set on fire by unidentified people on April 1st at 5:30 AM while he was celebrating Easter at the Leimakhong Baptist church where he pastors, hardly 200 meters from his house. The incident took place in the city of Imphal...Read more





A Pastor and his congregation was severely beaten by a radical Hindu mob on Easter Sunday near Coimbatore, India. Joshua Rajesh, Pastor of Bethel Prayer Assembly noticed that 3 unknown people came into the church on Sunday morning. Read more
3/31/2018 More than 40 violent attacks on Christians are reported in the moth of March 2018. See the list







Before Easter, India's Supreme Court Prevents Arrest of Christian Leader: Days before India's minority Christian community celebrates Easter, the apex court has protected a Christian leader, who was falsely accused of hurting religion sentiments of majority Hindus, from being arrested until the trial begins. Amit Kumar Soren, a professor at a Christian college, St. Columba, in eastern Jharkhand Read more








Baptism service violently halted by Hindu mob claiming ‘forced conversions’. Around 20 Hindu extremists in saffron-coloured clothes barged inside a church in eastern India’s Uttar Pradesh state yesterday (28 March), violently assaulting the pastor and two church members.

Shouting in extremely offensive language, they entered the Evangelical Churches of India (ECI) building in the Fatehpur district of the city, and bolted it from the inside. Read more





Christians ‘terrified’ int he state of Telangana, India, after Palm Sunday attack. World Watch Monitor has received a set of photographs showing the aftermath of an attack on a church service in India’s southern Telangana State on Sunday, 25 March. Read More


Brownback: Now is a ‘critical moment’ for religious minorities
US Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback: The US Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom has called for politicians to work more closely together towards greater religious freedom around the world, reports the Catholic News Agency. Read more








The body of an elderly Christian woman was found in a pool of blood on the terrace of her house in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh state last Wednesday, 21 March. Chadarajupalli Subbaravamma, who was in her mid-sixties and converted to Christianity ten years ago, was last seen by her family at around 5.30pm, when, after having a bath, she grabbed her Bible and went upstairs to spend some quiet time in prayer and worship, as was her custom. Read more...






Hindu Extremists Turn Tribal, Animist Villagers against Christians in India: Assault drives five families out of village for nearly a week.

About 20 villagers questioning Christians gathered for worship in a home in Odisha state, India were animists who worshipped objects in nature and other gods, but Hindu nationalists ... Read more ...








Hindu Extremist Brutally Attack Pastor and His Wife in Madurai

A pastor's wife in Madurai District in Tamil Nadu was repeatedly kicked in the face, making her unconscious, by a group of Hindu extremists who attacked a church on March 11. The attackers tried to snatch her Bible from Persia Jacob, 38, pushing and slapping her, they stripped her of her sari. When she pleaded with them to let go of her sari, they demanded her to prostrate at their feet and beg   Read more....









Another Indian state set to pass anti-conversion bill

The northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is the latest to approve a so-called “anti-conversion bill”, reports India’s Hindustan Times.

If the legislation passes into law at the state assembly later this month Uttarakhand will join Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Jharkhand in having anti-conversion laws. Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (later repealed) have also passed similar legislation. Read more






Ferocity of Hindu Extremist Attacks Stuns Christians in Tamil Nadu, India. Assailants try to humiliate church members into becoming Hindus.  Before Hindu extremists attacking a church in southern India this month repeatedly kicked a pastor’s wife in the face, rendering her unconscious, they tried to snatch her Bible from her... Read more






Delhi Methodist church façade and entrance destroyed

On March 15, around two o'clock in the afternoon, two bulldozers tore down the side outside the church facade in the Mukherjee Nagar district, north of Delhi, by order of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Mcd), governed by the Hindu nationalist BJP party. Read more







Hindus Crush Pastor's Son's Foot With Boulder but Police File Charges Against Christian Family. Police in India's Telangana state were reportedly pressured by Hindu radicals to file a case against a Christian pastor's family after a group of drunken Hindu men were arrested for attacking the family and crushing their youngest son's foot with a boulder.... Read more






Hindu Extremists Attack Nuns, Destroy Catholic Hospital Wall in India

A dispute over land between suspected Hindu extremists and a Catholic hospital in Madhya Pradesh state, India, turned violent Monday when the extremists destroyed the hospital's boundary wall and attacked nuns and other staff in a violent land grab..Read more






Indian Pastor Slashed With Machete by Hindu Extremist Miraculously Recovers, Vows to Continue Ministry. An Indian Christian pastor who miraculously recovered after a Hindu extremist attacked him with a machete said the persecution he's endured for his faith has only increased his passion for the Lord. Read more






Hindu Extremists Beat Christian Missionaries in Bihar

A mob of 70 hard-line Hindus have attacked Christians travelling in a bus in Bettiah, Bihar, on Feb. 26. The mob interrogated the Christians asking them the purpose of their visit and accused them of forced conversions. Read more






Pastor’s Family Assaulted in Southern India. Police come under pressure to file counter charge against Christians. On a recent Monday at noon in southern India, a pastor’s family in Telangana state noticed motorcycles parked outside their church gate and a gang of young men loudly reading the church banner. Read more






Church leaders deplore bulldozing of hospital premises in BJP-ruled state. Church leaders in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have deplored an attack on a Catholic hospital, the premises of which was vandalised and bulldozed by a mob led by the personal assistant of a Member of Parliament, representing the ruling BJP. Read more






Tamil Nadu’s Lenten passion: four Pentecostal prayer centres attacked:
Asia News by Nirmala Carvalho.

The places of worship are all located in the Madurai district. Pastors and faithful verbally assaulted with obscene language. Hindu radicals threaten to attack the homes of Christians. Read more





Indian policeman joins 50-strong Hindu mob’s attack on churches

A Hindu mob raided five churches in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu yesterday (11 March), attacking and abusing Christians as they worshiped. Several women were stripped and beaten. Read more





Church hospital in Ujjain attacked, nurses beaten up

A group of some 60 people on March 12 forcibly occupied part of a Catholic hospital’s land and roughed up nurses and other workers in the central Indian city of Ujjain. Read more





British to Take Up Persecution of Christians, Sikhs in India

The discrimination faced by Christians and Sikhs in India was addressed in a debate in the House of Commons on 'freedom of religion or belief' last week in London. Read more







News Analysis: U.S. Catholics wonder what bishops are doing for persecuted Christians. A new nationwide poll on American Catholic attitudes towards the persecution of Christians around the world reveals a relatively strong grasp of the situation, a mixed response in terms of how big a priority it ought to be, and either confusion or dissatisfaction about how Church leaders are responding. Read more






Hindu Extremists in Eastern India Attack Christians Coming Off Bus
Two Christians hospitalized. Prayer service of a native ministry whose workers were attacked by Hindu extremists in Bihar state, India. Christians on their way to a recent Christian camp in eastern India shared the purpose of their trip with fellow bus passengers, not realizing one of them was a Hindu extremist. Read more






Mob Wounds 13-Year-Old Christian Girl, Threatens to Burn Mother.

Tribal animists upset that Christians tried to bury one of their dead in a village in eastern India seriously injured a 13-year-old girl and others who tried to protect a Christian woman the villagers threatened to burn alive. Read more





Six Christians injured following Hindu attack over baby’s burial

Six Christians were badly injured and a house torched in an attack by Hindu extremists in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, following the death and burial of a Christian baby. Read more






A Pastor in the state of Uttarakhand, India was arrested and then released without charges. The Rev. Vipin Kumar was held in custody for eight hours. Far-right thugs interrupted a prayer gathering. The accusations of forced conversions "are used to intimidate India’s tiny Christian community" Read more





Marian Grotto demolished in Odisha. Unidentified people demolished the Immaculate Conception Grotto in Gajapati district of Berhampur Diocese, Odisha, Eastern India. “We do not have any clue so far who has done it. Read more






Tamil Nadu continues to lead the way in violent attacks on Christians

After a year in which hate crimes against Indian Christians happened at a rate of almost one verified incident per day, the state which registered the most incidents in 2017 (over 50) – Tamil Nadu – continues to see outbreaks of violence. Read more 





Videos show Hindu nationalists belonging to Prime Minister Modi's party attacking Christians and burning Bibles. Videos show Hindu extremists abusing Christians. In one of the videos the extremists are seen setting alight a pile of Bibles. Read more





Cultural event in Banares Hindu University glorifies Gandhi assassin. A new controversy erupted in the Banaras Hindu University after a cultural program glorified Nathuram Godse, a Hindu hardliner who killed Mahatma Gandhi Read more






Catholic bishops warn against Hindu nationalism as religious hate crimes rise. An acknowledgement by India’s BJP-led government that there has been a rise in religion-based hate crime has coincided with a warning from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) about the dangers to the country of a Hindu-nationalist agenda. Read more







A court in Madhya Pradesh has sentenced 13 Pentecostal Christians to six months in prison for alleged "forced conversions". The condemned include Balu Kesu and his wife Bhuri, both of whom are vision impaired. Their defense attorney Kamlesh Patidar tried to obtain a reduction in the penalty for their handicap, but the judges were adamant. Read more






Angry Christians Protest against Modi government for Rejecting Pastor's Visa: Christians in Meghalaya have protested the ruling BJP-led government after it denied visa for the Baptist World Alliance Chief, Rev. Paul Msiza, to attend the 150 years of Christianity in Garo Hills region. Read more







Fiery Ordeal for Pastor, Church, Widower in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Hindu extremist mobs belonging to Mr. Modi tries to burn husband along with deceased woman.(Morning Star News) – Pastor Jeewer Joeswa wasn’t sure what to think when a massive, chanting Hindu throng in northern India brought the corpse of a Christian woman to his church site – then set the building on fire. Read more







US installs Sam Brownback as religious freedom ambassador

The US Senate has confirmed Sam Brownback as the new head of the Office of International Religious Freedom. (World Watch Monitor)
Brownback is the first ambassador under the US’s revised International Religious Freedom Act, which affirms a commitment to international religious freedom as a foreign relations policy. Read more





STATEMENT: (FIACONA) is pleased at the confirmation of Mr. Sam Brownback to be the next Ambassador At Large for the Bureau of International Religious Freedom at the State Department. He will hold the rank of an Assistant Secretary of State. Read more







Hindu radicals burn Christian church and shops in Jammu and Kashmir (Asia News by Nirmala Carvalho)

The Sehal Christ Church attacked on January 16. Hindu fanatics wanted to "avenge" the alleged murder of a woman "forcibly converted ". Sajan K George: "In the Indian state, Christians are between the anvil and the hammer of nationalists and Muslims". Read more








A Pentecostal Christian pastor was found dead hanging from the roof of his home in a village in Tamil Nadu. Rev. Gideon Periyaswamy was 43 and led the church of Maknayeem, in the village of Adayachery. His death is shrouded in mystery,  aroused by the fact that just a week ago he had lodged a complaint against extremist Hindu groups.

Some faithful already speak of murder and the attempt to disguise murder with suicide. Read more









A mob led by apparent Hindu nationalists burned down a church and shops belonging to Christians in India's northern state of Jammu and Kashmir after the death of a woman, whom the mob believed was forcibly converted to Christianity.

A large group of Hindus resorted to violence last week in the Rajouri district bordering Pakistan after a local man, Rinku Kumar, brought the body of his 25-year-old wife, Seema Devi, for a Christian burial, according to UCAN News. Read more






Pastor Found Dead in Tamil Nadu, India. Body appears to have been hung after death, church members say. (Morningstar News)
The body of a pastor in southern India was found hung from the thatched roof of his house early Saturday morning (Jan. 20), a week after he complained to police about opposition from Hindu extremists, sources said. Read more






Catholic schools under pressure in Madhya Pradesh( World Watch Monitor): A Catholic school in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has received threats from Hindu nationalists, who claim children at the school were punished for singing patriotic songs – the third school to come under pressure this month. Read more







In a village near Ranchi, a group of radical Hindus dragged a Christian clergyman into the street, beat him up and threatened to kill if he did not renege Christ and honour instead the Hindu monkey god.
The victim, Rev Karma Oraon, is a pastor in Harmu, a village in the State Jharkhand. He was attacked on Christmas Eve, but news about the incident was made public only yesterday. Read more










OPINION: Why are Christians being attacked in India? (BY HUMRA QURAISHI)
As I celebrated Christmas a few days ago, I thought about the attacks on Christians in various locales of the country.
In fact, there’s been an ongoing hate campaign unleashed against them by right-wing outfits: first it was all the hype that Christian missionaries are indulging in mass conversions which stood vetoed by vital facts and figures showing that the country’s Christian population was decreasing and not increasing. Read more











Pastor Dragged, Beaten, Threatened With Death, Told to Renounce Christ for Hindu Monkey God (By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post)

An Indian pastor says he was attacked by Hindu extremists who dragged him out onto the streets, beat him, and threatened to kill him unless he renounced Jesus Christ for a Hindu monkey deity.

The attack occurred while in Harmu village of Ranchi District, Jharkhand state, on Christmas Eve, when 16 or so Hindu radicals attacked a prayer meeting the 34-year-old pastor was leading with others.

The attackers started shouting "Praise Bajrang Bali," referring to the monkey god Hanuman. Read more







Madhya Pradesh, Hindu prayers in Catholic schools: a nationalist leader arrested (Video) AsiaNews: - Upadhesh Rana, a Hindu fundamentalist leader who wanted to enter a Catholic school and to hold the Hindu rite for Bharat Mata ["Mother India", ed.] has been arrested in Vidisha (in Madhya Pradesh). Yesterday more than 500 policemen were deployed in defense of St. Mary's College, threatened by nationalists. Read more







When Hindu extremists in India told pastor Karma Oraon they would not stop beating him until he worshipped the monkey god, he felt Christ close to him, he said. “In those moments when they were kicking and beating me, I felt that even if I die now, the Lord will make the ministry I leave behind fruitful,” Pastor Oraon told Morning Star News. “We are just a few gathering in the name of Jesus.” Read more






Three Nepali Christians have been arrested and jailed on charges of spreading Christianity and insulting the religious beliefs of others.

The three, identified as Indra Bahadur Tamad, Shukra Rai, and Mekh Bahadur, were arrested two days ago and taken into custody (pictured) yesterday. Read more





Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party-led government, India continues to climb up the World Watch List. India jumped from the 15th worst country in the world for Christian persecution in 2017 to the 11th in 2018. Read more







Hindu-nationalist student association broke into a Catholic college in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, and threatened the institution to allow them to perform a Hindu religious ritual at the facility. When the college refused to entertain the members of the by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the group rebelled and created "hungama" outside the college campus. Read more








Hindu radical accuses Christianity of destroying the environment
(By Nirmala Carvalho) Christianity has destroyed the world’s environment, this according to the latest anti-Christian provocation by a right-wing Hindu radical in India. S Gurumurthy, a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS), a Hindu ultra-nationalist paramilitary organisation, made the claim at a Hindu fair in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Read more













Militant Hindu nationalists feel free to attack under Christians in states governed by the BJP party(Morning Star News) Summoned to a police station after Hindu extremists stopped his church’s worship last month, a pastor in northern India brought some 50 Christians with him to help plead for his rights.

But 45-year-old pastor David Amarnath of Pathakpur village in Bhadohi District, Uttar Pradesh state, was taken aback by what police told him.

“Why did you bring all these people?” an officer told him. “It is very simple. The BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] government is ruling now, and you can’t assemble to pray. The local Hindu Vahini activists and all RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] groups are now informed of your activities – they will be after you. Even we can’t help you.” Read more





Extremists are threatening St Mary's Post Graduate College in Vidisha. Fr Biju describes the social outreach of the diocese of Sagar. Founded 27 years ago, the Manav Vikas Seva Sangh is an association that serves 286 tribal villages. Read mlore









Yesterday, the police dispersed about 900 members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, who planned another raid on January 16th. After the clashes with police the Hindus "left angry". Teachers and the government support Christians.

Hindu fundamentalists who have encircled a Catholic college complex in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, "will return on January 16”, Msgr. Theodore Mascarenhas, general secretary of the Indian Bishops' Conference tells AsiaNews. Read mlore










A large group of Hindu nationalists clashed with police on 4 January outside a Catholic college in Vidisha, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, after they tried to force the school to carry out a Hindu religious ritual.

The attack followed an earlier confrontation on 30 December when members of the youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Hindu nationalist party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, entered the college to demand that a Hindu ritual be performed in which India as ‘Mother Goddess’ is worshipped. (Worldwatch Monitor) Read more






Catholic school forced to celebrate Hindu rites in the state of Madhya Pradesh by the BJP government officials. If you do not celebrate Hindu rituals in the Catholic institute "you will have problems". This is what the Hindu radicals of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (Abvp) are threatening in Madhya Pradesh. Read more





About 900 members of the the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad are gathered in front of St Mary's Post Graduate College in Vidisha. India’s Home Affairs minister deployed 400 police agents to re-establish order. The bishop hopes for a 2018 "of peace and harmony". Read more





Eight activists, including a nun, were injured in clashes with police in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala (in southern India), while participating in a protest march against the destruction of a Cross .

Read more

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