Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations FIACONA
 Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations  FIACONA

About us:

Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is a coalition of protestant, catholic, pentecostal and independent church organizations of Indian Americans across the United States and Canada.

It is a voluntary, cultural and charitable organization with an emphasis on advocacy on behalf of persecuted Church in India.

FIACONA is a bridge builder for ecumenical advocacy focused on finding ways to reduce violence against Christians in India. In that way our work raises awareness of the rights of religious minorities in the U.S. as well.

The Federation counts over 600,000 people among its members living in every single state in the United States and Canada. Besides Indian American Christians, the Federation also counts support from several thousand Christian churches and movements in every single state across the US.

Protecting the interest of two thousand year old Christian church in the Union of India; and ensuring its the social, cultural and political space besides the protection of fundamental rights to safety, security and equal status of every single member of the church remains a priority for FIACONA.

FIACONA was formally launched in 2000 as a reaction to the violence perpetrated by Hindu nationalists against the Christian population all across the Union of India.

Meet Our National Board

Board of Directors:

- Mr. John Prabudoss, President

- Vacant, Vice-President

- Dr. Angeline Lazarus, General Secretary

- Dr. Raj Sampson, Joint Secretary

- Mr. Thilak George, Treasurer

- Mr. Mike Massand, Joint-Treasurer


Members At Large:

- Mr. George Abraham

- Rev. Itty Abraham

- Rev. Wilson Jose

- Rev. Johnson Raju

- Mr. Agnelo Gonsalvas

- Dr. Sheba Kulothungan

- Mr. Shibu Thomas


Regional Vice-Presidents:

- Mr. Susai Anthony

- Dr. Solomon Christian

- Dr. Verghese Chacko

- Mr. Linus Taylor

- Ms. Radha White


Past Presidents:

2000 - 2001 Dr. Fred Semendy

2001 - 2004 Dr. Jeyachand Pallekonda

2004 - 2006 Rev. Bernard Malik

2006 - 2008 (Late) Dr. Joesph Nidiry

2008 - 2014 (Late) Mr. Abraham Mammen


Everyone serving in on the Board serve voluntarily. FIACONA does not have any paid employees.

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