News Religious fanatics attack lonely woman, drag her to police station at night

Religious fanatics attack lonely woman, drag her to police station at night

In a heart wrenching incident in Madhya Pradesh, a young Christian woman was attacked by a group of religious fanatics who dragged her to the police station at night.

Maya (name changed for security reasons), found herself trapped between a couple of policemen and a group of religious men, who were shouting threats and accusing her of forced conversions.

Maya is well known by her neighbors after her prayers healed a girl from her sickness. Many even experienced breakthroughs in their lives after receiving prayers from Maya.

While she prayed, she also visited people to know their conditions.

During one such visit to her sister’s house to get an update about the neighbor kid she was praying for, Maya was spotted by religious goons in the area. They surrounded her, accused her of forced conversions and took her to the police station.

According to reports from Persecution Relief, there were no women constables in the police station. Too many fanatics and policemen were around her, accusing her of being involved in black magic and using it to convert people to Christianity.

“I stood alone in the midst of these cruel people, both fanatics and police men who used foul and filthy language against me,” she told Persecution Relief.

Maya even heard the policemen telling the fanatics to burn her. “The next time you see her, burn her alive,” they said.

“In fact, you should have burned her when you found her today, why did you bring her to us?” the police men asked the fanatics.

Maya was robbed, verbally abused and harassed by these men for two hours.

“Deep down, I was so scared. Frankly speaking, I did not know what was going to happen, but I never once doubted God’s ability to save me,” Maya told Persecution Relief.

As of July, Madhya Pradesh had one incident of Christian persecution. By September, the state recorded nine incidents. It is now considered as the third most hostile state against Christians in the country.

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