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Indian Christians heave sighs of relief as Hindu nationalists lose elections in key states.

Dec 12, Worldwatch Monitor

Christians can heave sighs of relief as the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP has been thrown out of power in three key states in central India that have reported dozens of incidents of anti-Christian violence and harassment.
The BJP, which had enjoyed unstinted power in two of the states – Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh – for 15 years, winning three consecutive elections in both, was unseated when  .....

Mob of 150 Radicals Crackdown Church Service in Kanpur.

Dec 8, Christian Today

The attackers forced themselves into a private hall in the KDA Colony of Kanpur, disrupting Pr A. B. Singh's Sunday service and threatening the worshippers, persecution watchdog International Christian Concern reported (ICC).
Singh's wife, Kalpana Singh, was manhandled and beaten by members of the mob when she tried to protect her husband. Also, other women in the church were attacked. ....

India Among 5 Nations Where Religious Freedom At Risk.

Dec 8, 2018. Christian Today

India has been listed among the five countries where religious freedom at risk, says an official report.
Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic NGO, has found incidents of religious persecution in 21 countries in two years to June 2018, including Niger, Myanmar, India and China.
Religious freedom is under threat in one of every five countries around the globe, said the report.

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Attack on Private Gathering in Northern India Typifies Hindu Extremist Strategy

Dec 7, Morningstar News

A Hindu extremist strategy for stopping the spread of Christianity by targeting pastors – and their families – was painfully evident in a recent attack on a Christmas planning meeting in northern India.
As has become routine in India, police arrested badly beaten Christians and charged them with causing religious enmity, sources said.
Pastors from 12 churches in Agra, Uttar Pradesh state and from 10 churches in nearby Mathura were meeting, along with their .....

Fr. Prakash: on human rights, India has touched 'terrible abysses' . The Jesuit retraces the four years of Narendra Modi's nationalist government

Dec 5, Asia News

"One does not have to be rocket scientist to be aware of the human rights violations that are taking place everywhere in the country today: The situation has been deteriorating since the past four years. In the 2018 Human Development Index, India has reached an all –time low of 130 out of 189 countries.". "Of course - he underlines - All this certainly does no credit to a country, in which the ruling kingpins, at the cost of the taxpayer..."

Christians stage peace rally in Varanasi against forced church closures

Dec 3 Asia News

Christian Churches in eastern Uttar Pradesh gathered on Saturday in Varanasi, the holy city of Hinduism, for a great "peace rally" because of Christian persecution,” said Rev David. This problem affects especially the District of Varanasi where right-wing Hindus have forced “hundreds of house churches to close,”.
Rev Nehemiah Christie, an activist with the Alliance Defending Freedom, an India-wide Christian network, noted that the rally “was successful.”
Christians “came out to speak up against. ...

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India: Christians’ names missing from electoral lists.

Nov 30, Worldwatch Monitor

Christian leaders suspect that the BJP was responsible for the elimination of the names of many Christians from electoral lists in Madhya Pradesh. Hundreds of Christians in India’s Madhya Pradesh state found their names missing from the lists of voters in elections for the State Assembly on 28 November, AsiaNews reports. One of them was the Bishop of Bhopal, Leo Cornelio, who told AsiaNews that after waiting at the ......

Hindu Extremist Mob Tries to Burn Pastor Alive in Odisha State. Attacked while driving with family in car.

Nov 26 Morningstar News

Pastor John Lakra was taking his 18-month-old baby to the hospital for emergency treatment in Odisha state, India when hundreds of Hindu extremists surrounded his car. The pastor, his wife and their three children were on the way to the hospital in Sundargarh at about 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 when the mob began hurling stones at them and hitting the windows with rods as they .....

Hard-Line Sikhs, Hindus Persecute Christians in Northern India Pastor thrown off motorbike, accused of illicit relationship.

Nov 19 Morningstar News

Villagers hostile toward Christians in northern India falsely accused a pastor of an illicit relationship with a woman and, in another village, burned a church building, sources said.
As people throughout the country on Nov. 7 prepared to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, neighbors alerted pastor Satpal Masih that his ...

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'Tribal Leaders Join Hands with Hindu Extremists to Persecute Christians in Jharkhand. Police harm more than help victims.

Nov 13 Morningstar News

Hindu extremists and tribal animists team up to transform church building into Sarna religion complexFive families in eastern India were at a worship service last month when they received a phone call telling them to return to their homes immediately.
The Christians rushed nearly four miles from their church in Lisiya village to their homes in Durula, West Singhbhum District in Jharkhand.....

Whilst acts of hooliganism and violence against Christians intensify in Uttar Pradesh, India’s “secular” authorities continue to show "preferences" for Hindus.

Nov 13 Worldwatch Monitor

Several attacks on Christians were reported in the first week of this month, across a number of states. The state is currently ruled by the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
They demanded the withdrawal of around 400 land-related cases.....

Record anti-Christian violence in India’s most populous state.

Oct 31 Worldwatch Monitor

Since January, 59 incidents of violence have been reported in Uttar Pradesh and 190 across the country, including harassment of women and children, a survey has revealed. (World Watch Monitor)
India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, saw a “record level” of anti-Christian violence last month, according to a survey by Violence Monitor, a monthly magazine that reports incidents of violence ...

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Police Attack, Threaten Christians in Tamil Nadu State, Officers of the law beat or harass various congregations.

Oct 27 Morningstar News

Saffron flag erected by Hindu extremists at half-constructed Believers Prayer Fellowship building in Chennai,  Police officers rushed into a praise service at a house in Tamil Nadu state and began hitting worshippers in another violent month for Christians, sources said. A female police inspector identified only as Jeyalakshmi and five police officers on Oct. 6 entered the house where Christians were ....

Three Christian ministry partners of Michigan based Mission India were arrested last week on forced conversion charges.

Oct 21 Morningstar News

When Pastor Mathai Varghese was beaten and abducted by Hindu extremists in Rajasthan state, police gave chase and arrested the kidnappers – as well as the pastor. His car ruined and his body bloodied, he spent a night and the next day in jail with serious injuries unattended before being released on bail. That was just part of the price ....

Violence against Christians continues in run-up to 2019 elections

Oct 10 Worldwatch Monitor

Hindu nationalists vandalised two Christian places of worship in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Assam in the last two weeks, reports AsiaNews.
On 29 September a statue of Saint John Bosco, also known as Don Bosco, was desecrated in the city of Tezpur, Assam, northeast India. It is not yet known who the vandals were. On 2 October a group of 50-60 people belonging to ....

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