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'Total impunity’ in India, as Muslims and Christians ‘bear brunt of ruling ideology’.

July 13 Worldwatch Monitor

Frequent reports of violent attacks against India’s religious minorities show the “total impunity” enjoyed by their Hindu nationalist attackers, says one civil rights activist.

In one recent attack, a pastor, his wife and their congregation were attacked at their ‘house church’ in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state on Sunday (8 July), advocacy group CSW reported......

Arson Attacks Hit Churches in Tamil Nadu, India Hindu extremists suspected.

July 16, Morningstar News

Three church buildings were set ablaze in six weeks in the state in southern India with the most attacks against Christians this year, sources said.

In one case, a church building in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state was burned to ashes after Christians refused to donate to an annual Hindu festival, they said. Members of Kingdom of God church were ....

Pastor in Hiding from Hindu Extremists – and Police – after Attack on His Church in India Families terrorized in assault on congregation built on healing ministry

July 19 Morningstar News

Brandishing hockey sticks and a gun that was fired on house-church grounds, masked Hindu extremists assaulted Christians in Uttar Pradesh, India.

After the July 2 assault that terrorized families and sent nine of about 50 injured Christians to the hospital for treatment, influential Hindus ....

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Hindu BJP leaders of Prime Minister Modi's party were found to be the most responsible for hate speech committed in India between 2014-2018..

July 12, Wprldwatch Monitor

The north-eastern Indian state of Bihar leads the way for hate speech in India, according to a new study published by Telegraph India.

Law students from three different universities in Patna, Dehradun and New Delhi used media reports between 2014-2018 to examine the use of hate speech in the country....

16 more Christians detained in the BJP ruled Indian state of Jharkhand.

July 10 Worldwatch Monitor

A group of 16 Indian tribal Christians who visited another tribal family in the eastern state of Jharkhand to talk to them about Christianity are in police custody after the local village head accused them of “conversion by inducement”. Last year, Jharkhand became the seventh Indian state to introduce a so-called “anti-conversion law”. .....

Christians in Rajasthan, India Harassed with False Charges, Church Leaders Say Jailed evangelists preach to would-be murderers.

July 9, Morningstar News

When evangelists in India were accused of fraudulent conversion in a village at a time when they were hundreds of miles from it, they knew powers beyond their control were at play.

Pastor Kasiram Meghwal, 46, was leading his church in Choru, Rajasthan, 410 miles from the village near Khajuwala where .....

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Hindu Extremists Launch Multifaceted Attack on Pastor, Son in Southern India. Church leader are threatened with execution.

June 28, Morningstar News

Falsely accused of running a brothel, a badly beaten pastor in Tamil Nadu state jumped out of a moving car to save himself from Hindu extremists who were threatening to kill him.

The hard-line Hindu mob had attacked pastor Jayaseelan Natarajan on June 20 as he and his son visited their church construction site in the Thozilpettai area, Karur District, in the state in southern India, the 50-year-old pastor told Morning Star News......

Five women working for a Christian missionary group were abducted and gang-raped in Jharkhand by men who filmed their crime, 

June 25 Christianity Today

In the latest horrific sex assault in the country 5 women were raped. The victims were abducted while they were performing a street play to raise awareness of human trafficking in the Khunti district.

The unidentified assailants, who raped the women at gunpoint, video recorded their actions.

The women worked for the non-governmental organisation Asha Kiran which is supported by a local Christian missionary group, police officer .....

Indian bishops say, 'False' rape charges against a priest filed by police in Jharkhand

June 25 Asia News

Sexual violence was perpetrated against five NGO activists of the Ursuline nuns. The parish priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Kochang is accused of aiding and abetting. The women had participated in a program against trafficking in human beings. The Indian Bishops' Conference (CBCI) rejects accusations against a Jesuit priest of Jharkhand of aiding and abetting in a kidnapping and rape as "false". Msgr. Theodore Mascarenhas, CBCI general secretary protests against  ...

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An Indian pastor was beaten up by Hindu nationalists, then arrested by police on Monday.

June 22, Worldwatch Monitor

With more Indian states iintroducing and implementing anti-conversion legislation in India, some churches now require new converts to sign an affidavit, in which they declare that they are attending church out of their own free will and were not forced. Pastor Dipender Prakash was reportedly attacked by members of Bajrang Dal, a militant Hindu nationalist organisation because he had  .....

The Indian state of Jharkhand plans to end reservation for converted tribals.

June 23, Matters India

The Jharkhand state government seems determined to end reservation (affirmative action) for those tribal people who have converted to Christianity or other religions, a newspaper says. For this, the government would change the format of the official caste certificate issued to indicate the Scheduled Caste category, the Ranchi edition of the Prabhat Khabar, a Hindi language newspaper, reported.....

A Christian couple in Jharkhand, who was about to get married, was arrested on 'forcible conversion' charge after the bride's drugged father filed a complaint.

May 25, Matters India

On May 28, Bolba police in Simdega District arrived at the wedding site and arrested the bride and groom, along with a pastor, Sudarshan Manjhi, who was to officiate, and a Christian woman invited to attend, the couple's relatives told MSN.

According to polce report, the bride's father, Somaru Manjhi, alleged that Christians beat him....”

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four Evangelicals arrested for alleged 'forced conversions' in the state of Jharkand, India.

June 15, Asia News

The complaint started with the father of a young tribal ethnic Sarna who wanted to marry a Christian man. The girl, the future husband and two Christians allegedly tried to convert even the elderly father of the girl. Anti-conversion law provides for severe penalties for those who force the conversion of minors and tribals. According to the Hindi-language daily Dainik Jagran, Pastor Sudarshan Manjhi, the Christian Neelam Devi, Sumanti Kumari and her fiancée Rupesh Manjhi were arrested following......

Police slow to register case after church burnt down by suspected Hindu extremists A church in Puducherry in southern India was set ablaze recently, after upper-caste Hindu neighbours had objected to worship services in the area..

June 15, Worldwatch Monitor

Pastor David Santosham and members of the Bible Presbyterian church in Karaikal District left for home after concluding fasting prayers on 25 May. At around ten past midnight, he received an anonymous call informing him that the church was on fire. “My rented flat is about five minutes away. I rushed immediately. The church was in flames,”....

Can only sadhus and not bishops comment on issues of national concern? Opinion By Ram Puniyani.

June 10, Matters India

The archbishops of Delhi and Goa recently asked their parishioners to pray for the nation, as human rights were under attack. Subsequently, a Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Surendra Jain on June 7 stated that the church in India was trying to destabilize the Modi government.

Archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto wrote to all parish priests and religious institutions in the Archdiocese of Delhi on May 8, asking them to pray for our nation. The letter begins with ......

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