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Christians in Madhya Pradesh Seek Protection Following Fiery Agitation by Mr. Modi's Hindu Party....

Nov 20, Christian Today

Members of a hardline Hindu group, Dharam Jagaran Samanwaya Samiti (Religious awakening co-ordination committee), get ready for a torchlight march in the central Indian town of Sagar Nov. 10. They are seeking action against Christians for alleged religious conversion.

A Catholic Church has sought protection for the Christian community in Madhya Pradesh after....

Catholic teachers warn against India’s attempts to ‘saffronise’ education.

Nov 20, Worldwatch Monitor

Catholic school teachers in India have warned against “subtle attempts” by the government to “saffronise” – or make more Hindu – the education system.

Dr. George Thadathil, a headteacher moderating an event in Kolkata last week titled ‘Future of Christian Higher Education and Contemporary Transitions in India’, said Christian... 

Arrested Christians are India’s most vulnerable: says Sajan K George:

Nov 20 Asia News

Some Pentecostal Christians were arrested on November 19 in Damoh District in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier on November 15, an evangelical Christian was stopped in the district of Balod in Chhattisgarh. President of the Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcci), says these episodes, "reflect the fear and vulnerability of the Christian population in India." .......

“Hindu radicals want to eliminate us. Help us,” says the bishop of Sagar..

Nov 16, 2017 Asia News

Archbishop Anthony Chirayath complains about the climate of hostility towards Christians in his diocese. Extremists are backed by the nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. They want to “unify the entire population under a Hindu flag." Accusations of forced conversions are made to create fear and isolate Christians. The goal is political, ahead of the 2018 elections. .......

Christians Deprived of Basic Rights; Bombay Court Slams State for Discriminating

Nov 15, 2017 Indian Christian Today

The Bombay High Court on Nov. 9 has slammed the state government for not allotting a land for the use of a Christian cemetery. Hindus and Muslims have been allotted land for cemeteries, but Christians have been singled out.

"Don't be a dictator, we live in a democratic society, we live in a secular state; you ......

Threats to Demolish a House Where Christians Gather to Pray, Worship.

Nov 15, 2017 Indian Christian Today

A family in Madhya Pradesh that had welcomed Christians to worship and pray in their house has been threatened with demolition of their house by local municipality.

The family that resides in Lanji area belonging to the maoist-infested Balaghat district believes in Jesus Christ. But they have not officially....

Christians Charged with Serious Crimes. Police Detaining Christian children become routine.

Nov 14, 2017 Morningstar

Two Christians face charges of kidnapping and forcible conversion in India after Hindu extremists attacked them and children on their way to a youth Bible conference by train, sources said.

The Hindu extremists later savagely beat Christian parents trying to regain custody of their children at a police station, the sources.......


Nov 13, 2017

The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is deeply saddened at the passing away of its Vice-President and one of its founding members Dr. Kannarkat P. Verghese.

He passed away at 3:30 PM yesterday November 13, 2017 at his home just two days after his 81st birthday. His health had taken a turn for the worst after he met with an auto accident near his home. Dr. Verghese played a very  .......

Brief Reports: We have received 37 reports of incidents against Christians in the month of Oct 2017

Nov 2, 2017 Reports

These reports are only a fraction of violent acts perpetrated against Christians in India by people who are loyal to the cause of Prime Minister Modi and his party .......

Hindu Extremists Beat Pastor Unconscious in Southern India after ‘Miraculous’ Conversions Assailants were masked, but they had threatened him before, he says...

Nov 5, Morningstar News

Weeks after a pastor led five families to faith in Christ in southern India, masked men on motorbikes intercepted him on his way home from worship and tried to kill him, sources said.

Pastor Banothu Sevya, 26, was in a coma for 48 hours after the drunken Hindu extremists ......

Officials, Police in Tamil Nadu State, India Halt Worship in 10 Churches Hindu extremists compel authorities to act

Nov 1, Morningstar News

Officials and police in Tamil Nadu state, India, have ordered 10 churches to discontinue worship services, sources said.

Hindu extremists compelled state officials and police to issue orders to the churches in Coimbatore District to stop worship unless they obtain permission from the collector’s office, and the extremists.......

Torture of Pastor in India Ruins Livelihood, Hearing – but Not His Faith Hindu extremists pressure police to file false charge against couple, sources say

Oct 27, Morningstar News

A pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India has lost hearing in one ear after Hindu extremists tortured him, pressured police to falsely charge him and prevented doctors from treating him, sources said. Pastor Abhay Sagar, 37, of Biswan town in Sitapur District in the .......

Kandhamal victims wait, a year on, for government to obey Supreme Court....

Oct 26, 2017 World Watch Monitor

In northeast India, local Christian leaders are calling on the Odisha state government to enforce a Supreme Court ruling that the compensation paid to victims of the 2008 Kandhamal violence, which left about 100 Christians dead, was “not enough”, reports Asia News. The August 2016 ruling ordered that Odisha should arrange....

Christian Kandhamal victims deserve greater compensation, says Bishop Barwa

Oct 25, Asian News

Odisha Christian leaders today handed the authorities a memorandum, in which they call on them to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that awards 2008 pogrom victims higher compensation.

The archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar calls on the faithful to pray for the seven innocent Christians still in prison.... 

Indian Christians beaten ‘with rods and sticks’...

Oct 17 Worldwatch Monitor

A Christian man involved in church work across ten villages in the southern Indian state of Telangana was severely beaten earlier this month, a source told World Watch Monitor.

The victim, known as Pastor Seviya, “was attacked by five Hindu extremists with rods and thick sticks … until he became unconscious”, the source said. The .......

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