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Catholics say BJP doctored letter to garner votes ahead of Karnataka elections.

May 11 2018 Worldwatch Monitor

The Catholic Church in India has deplored a “fake” letter widely circulated in social and mainstream media alleging a Catholic conspiracy ahead of tomorrow’s elections in southern Karnataka state.

“This is totally unacceptable. This is a blatant attempt to spread lies,” Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.....

Hindu Extremists’ Level Spurious Accusation of ‘Conversion Racket’ in India, Sources Say Police officers beat, ridicule Christians.

May 9 Morningstar News

Christians in eastern India were worshipping on April 29 when Hindu extremists attacked and had them arrested on baseless accusations of operating a “conversion racket,” sources said.

Three of seven Christians arrested have been in jail since then, and yesterday a judge in Danapur, Bihar state, rejected their plea for bail....

Court orders extra payment to Christian widows of 14 who died in India riots'

May 8, Worldwatch Monitor

Following a long-fought campaign, the High Court of Odisha state in eastern India has ensured the disbursal of extra compensation awarded two years ago to dependants of 14 Christians killed in the widespread anti-Christian violence that engulfed Kandhamal district in 2008. In addition, the court has forced the Odisha government....


FIACONA is disappointed at the USCIRF:


The following statement is issued by the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations in favor of publishing at the occasion of the Annual Report Release Event held by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, (USCIRF) today at 10 AM.


May 8, 2018, Washington, DC. The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is greatly disappointed, to say the least that the USCIRF has chosen to keep India on Tier II of, the Countries of Particular Concern, instead of Tier I countries, in spite of the unprecedented violence against Christians and other religious minorities for the past three years under Prime Minister Modi and his party’s rule in India. READ THE STATEMENT

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4 Countries in Asia Pass Laws Banning Religious Conversion.

May 5, Christian Post

Four countries in South and Southeast Asia have laws that ban conversion of their citizens away from the majority religion, and two other countries are considering implementing the legislation, apart from numerous other nations in the region that prohibit blasphemy and apostasy, aimed mostly at Christian missionary work.

On Tuesday, Alliance Defending Freedom's international wing will present a white paper on laws regulating......

Two Pentecostal Christians arrested for 'forced conversions' in Uttar Pradesh.

May 4, Asia News

Rev Gyan Singh and fellow Pentecostal Rambhajan will be released this afternoon without charges. Villagers were "instigated to falsely accuse them of forced conversions." For Christian leader, the Constitution "consecrates the rights [of all confessions] and allows people to announce their faith”.  The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) "condemns the arrest and .....

Carmelite nuns celebrate 150 years of educating girls

May 2, Matters India

Bengaluru: A century and a half ago, three Catholic nuns from France started a school in Mangalore (now Mangaluru) to educate girl children.

Their gesture was considered revolutionary because only boys went to school in that era. Girls stayed home to learn cooking, stitching and cleaning in preparation for a successful married life.....

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Uttarakhand becomes 7th state to pass ‘anti-conversion law’

May 2, 2018 Worldwatch Monitor

The northern state of Uttarakhand has become the seventh state in India to adopt a so-called “anti-conversion law”.

State Governor Krishna Kant Paul signed the ‘Freedom of Religion Bill’ into law on 18 April, just over a month after the bill was approved by the state assembly and allowed to progress to the governor’s office.

Although ostensibly aimed at preventing “forced conversions”, in reality such laws are often used to prevent all conversions – . ......

Expert: the bogey of Christian infiltration in India is a 'political hoax' Deep K Datta-Ray...

May 1, Asia News

The aversion to foreign missionaries derives from how Indians perceived European colonization. The appeals to "reform" and “reinvent” Indian traditions. The idea is spread that the West is the leader of science only because "it has stolen Indian science". "Western Christians have stolen India's legacy and put it in jeopardy to make Western scientists stronger than everyone else." A " age-old bogey " that owes its origins "to how the Indians .......

Pentecostal pastors abused in a Tamil Nadu Hindu temple

April 30, Asia News

Two Pentecostal Christian pastors were dragged into a Hindu temple, seated in the corridors and covered with ash on their faces. Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), told AsiaNews that the violence took place on April 22nd in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. The GCIC, states its leader, "is embittered by the deplorable [gesture] of humiliation and repeated harassment against the faithful and places ....

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Violence against Christians continue in Tamil Nadu.

April 24, Worldwatch Monitor

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu continues to see outbreaks of religiously motivated violence, with one recent case involving a Christian labourer who says he was attacked by a neighbour who accused him of trying to convert Hindus.

In a report filed with the police, Thangaraj Ramasamy, who became a Christian 15 years ago, said his neighbour had harassed him and.....

Odisha’s Easter day incidents: Probe team alleges conspiracy.

April 24, Matters India

A civil society fact-finding team that investigated attacks on churches and a Hindu temple in Odisha on Eastern Sunday sees evidence of conspiracy to divide Christian and Hindu tribal communities in the eastern Indian state.

“The attacks were highly planned and purposefully executed. It was well planned to create fear and tension among Christians and others,”...

Police Slow to Respond to Vicious Attack on Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India

Apri 23 Morningstar News

In a village in northern India, pastor Rakesh Kumar Masih passed out from the pain of Hindu extremists beating his genitals, and they left him for dead.

The sun was shining bright when the Hindu nationalists stormed into the house of one of his church members, where some Christians had gathered on March 19 in Nagla Nishankh ....

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Indian police play down mob attack on Christian meeting.

April 18 Worldwatch Monitor

Christian families have fled their homes in eastern India after telling police a Hindu nationalist mob had attacked a church fellowship meal, only to be met with attempts to silence them.

Pastor Kasi Ram told World Watch Monitor that only three Christian families remained in the village of Bakel – in Chhattisgarh state, governed by the Hindu nationalist BJP party – after a mob physically attacked attendees.....

Three Christian places of worship attacked in Kerala.

April 18, Asian News

The most recent episode took place yesterday, when some unknown criminals entered the cemetery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Ukkinadka, in the district of Kasaragod, and destroyed the cross that stood in the burial place. Then the vandals damaged another seven tombs.

On 10 April a pastoral center was attacked, where 150 students were in retreat. On Holy Saturday, an .....

FIACONA condoles the passing away of The Suffragan Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Athanasius.

April 18 Statement

FIACONA condoles the passing away of The Suffragan Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Athanasius of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The Bishop died on April 18 due to prolonged liver and kidney related complications in a private hospital in Kochi, India. He was 74 years old.


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