WASHINGTON DC, FEB 20, 2020. The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America (FIACONA) has written to President Trump yesterday expressing deep concerns about the rapid deterioration of the rule of law in India in Mr. Modi’s regime where Christians are assaulted, intimidated and even killed by his party supporters. Christian properties are damaged, demolished or burnt by members of Mr. Modi’s party with police often taking the side of the Hindu party. The judiciary is also largely intimidated, bought or undermined by the Hindu nationalist party officials causing common people to lose faith in it.

FIACONA has urged President Trump to take all that into consideration and make a public show of support for the plight of over 100 million people who follow Christianity in India.

In the letter, President of FIACONA, Mr. Koshy George pointed out that, “Although Prime Minister Modi professes his allegiance to Gandhian values whenever he travels abroad, at home, he employs a very divisive strategy based on religion. It not only hurts the Christian population but also undermines the institutional foundation of the democratic India”.

He further said, “Today, Christians across India are living in fear. Pastors, Social workers, and ordinary Christians are arrested, tortured, or killed. Christian properties are burnt or destroyed by supporters of Mr. Modi’s party. Mr. Modi is mostly silent when their followers go on such a rampage interrupting worship service. It is creating an environment of insecurity among Christians along with other religious minorities and the general population”. 

Mr. John Prabhudoss, the Chairman of the Board said that, we fully agree with President’s policy of forging a strong bilateral relationship with India. But at the same time, he also pointed out that, many US Citizens, especially Christian pastors and members of international relief organizations are being deported or denied entry into India every single day at Indian airports simply because they are visiting Christian institutions in India.

FIACONA is concerned that radical views of the Hindu nationalist party gets implemented without checks and balances needed in a functioning democracy. Such reality has the potential to create large scale civil unrest in the Union of India that could lead to the possible disintegration of the Union itself.

The letter also informed President Trump that, FIACONA sincerely appreciates his support and commitment to stand by persecuted Christians around the world and now over 100 million persecuted Christians in India need his public support.
In conclusion, the letter reminded him that, “back in the US, a million plus Indian American Christians will be waiting to see his public expression of support for the persecuted Christian population of India”.

Koshy George                                                   John Prabhudoss

President                                                          Chairman

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