News Radical group attacks family members upon not finding their target

Radical group attacks family members upon not finding their target

A group of six radicals attacked a family in Chhattisgarh when they did not find the evangelists they were looking for and destroyed a year’s food supply the family had stored.

The incident took place on February 20, when Podiya Tati was away from home.

The radicals targeted Tati for attending a church service far from his home instead of taking part in the village’s festival.

When the radicals did not find Tati at home on the day of attack, they beat his mother, Jimmey and wife, Hung, instead. The two were hospitalized and may take several days to be discharged.

After beating the family members, the radicals destroyed a year’s food supply that was stored in the house, their personal identification documents and a borewell that was recently installed to store water.

The radicals warned that family that they would come back for Tati and would kill him when he returned.

On February 21, Tati registered an FIR against the six assailants in Kirandul police station. Three attackers were summoned twice but were never arrested and were given bail in a couple of days.

Now the assailants walk freely and the family fears to return home but also have nowhere to go.

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