News Christian group feeds poor people in Delhi

Christian group feeds poor people in Delhi

By Matters India Reporter

New Delhi, April 4, 2020: A Christian group has been distributing home-cooked food and rations to people in need in different parts of Delhi since March 25.

Unity in Christ, a registered NGO, is led by Minakshi Singh, chairperson, who spearheads the efforts to feed people who affected by the 21-day lockdown due to COVID-19 in India.

“We are making food for distribution for poor people. We have also decided to give raw food packets and homemade food in optional days as long as this lockdown lasts, Singh told Matters India.

“We intend to render service to people in need during these difficult times. They need our support. Our efforts are all being done by donations of different religious people, of goodwill and walk of life for this noble cause,” Singh said.

In the beginning, the number was about 50 people. Gradually the number on the increase as much as 400 people, she informed.

Other team members are Sanjay McGee, Dipika McGee, Noel Shashi, Tina Paul and Noel Shashi and a few others from different faith groups.

It has been seven days of food distribution in Cluster Loni Gaziabad and other areas.

“We do not want appreciation, but a generous heart. We want your prayers because prayers can protect us from COVID-19. You all are praying for the entire world,” Singh said.

“It is a humanitarian work and not self-promotion in any way, as some critics may think of us or team’s efforts,” said.

Everyone would find a chance to help someone during these days and always as per one’ human solidarity, and not necessarily dictated by mere religious precepts, Singh said.

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