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Over 50 Christian Children Pulled Off Train, 'Held' At Police Station and question about conversions In the state of Madhya Pradesh India.

May22, NDTV

Over 50 children were pulled out of a train journey and detained at a police station in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. The children, all 12 and below, and dressed in their best outfits, were apparently forced to spend hours at the police station on the suspicion that they were being herded to a religious conversion .....

Newly built church in Hyderabad ransacked by Hindu extremists of Mr. Modi's party

May 22, Matters India

A mob attacked a newly built church eight days after it was blessed in the southern Indian city of Secunderabad.

“Everything inside the church has been destroyed,” Father Aloysius Selvakumar, parish priest of St Joseph’s Church, told Matters India on May 22, a day after some 100 villagers attacked the Our Lady of Fatima Church, Godumakunta, a substation. ......

A Pastor’s Home and a church building Burned Down in Tamil Nadu State, India, Sources Say Young hard-line Hindu men threatened Christian leader..

May 17 Morningstar News

Hard-line Hindus in southern India, burned down a church building and the pastor’s home this month, sources said. After pastor John Muller and his pregnant wife left for a store on May 3, the assailants in Tamil Nadu state’s Attipattu village, Cuddalore District, set fire to their church building and adjoining home, Pastor Muller told Morning Star News.....

Latest News

Executive meeting of Mr. Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, adopts a resolution proposing a law to end religious conversion to Christianity in Jharkand.

May 5, UCA News

Bharatiya Janata Party maintains Christian missionaries' service in education and health are a cover to attract the poor.The ruling pro-Hindu party in eastern India's majority-tribal Jharkhand state has pushed for an anti-conversion law that church leaders fear .....

122 year old Cross removed by BJP government in Mumbai

May 4, EWTN

Despite being located on private property, a 122 year-old cross was demolished late last month in a suburb of Mumbai, sparking legal action from the archdiocese.

“This is gross misuse of authority and the archdiocese, in collaboration with various representative bodies, will legally pursue ......

Two Christian religious symbols desecrated in Mumbai.

April 20,  The Asia Net

Sajan K George, president of GCIC reports that the latest episodes of intimidation against the Christian minority was a theft: "This is all cause for great concern", he tells AsiaNews. A cross was desecrated in the Kalina district - one person arrested. Sajan K George: "Christians are an easy objective of social anti-elements." ....

Indian public health group loses permit for foreign funds.

April 21 Washington Post

India’s government has canceled permission for foreign funding for one of the country’s main public health organizations, whose donors include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It’s the latest move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in cracking down on charities and nonprofits that receive funds from overseas


Catholic bishop, five others acquitted in conversion case..

April 21, Matters India

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has given clean chit to a Catholic bishop and five others in a nine-year-old religious conversion case.


There is “no sufficient evidence to frame the charges against the petitioners,” says the order by the principal bench headed by Justice S K Gangele......

By Mixing Religion With Politics, India is Going Down Pakistan’s Road.

April 20,  The Wire

Never have we resembled Pakistan as much as we have begun to in the last few years.

Pakistan’s journey of blatantly mixing sharia-based Islam with politics began way back in the year 1977 when then Army Chief General Zia-ul-Haq first deposed Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in an army ....

A Good Friday mass held by a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Chengalpattu was disrupted by police. along with several such reports across India

April 14 2017 Reports

The members of the church in Sogandi, in Chengalpattuu district have held their Good Friday worship on a hill near the town for the past 50 plus years. The hill where the mass was held has special significance to the members of the Catholic community in Chengalpattu.


Odisha’s new Catholic converts ready for martyrdom.

April 14, Matters India

Prabin Digal knew the risks involved when he took the biggest decision in life: to become a Catholic along with his mother and young brother.

“We will stick to our faith in Christ no matter what happens. We are willing to die for our faith and Christ,” the 22-year-old tenth grader told Matters India on April 12 soon after his baptism at Our.


Police in the state of Bihar say that Hindu radicals ordered them not to interfere while they assaulted Christian villagers.

March 27, Morning Star News

Police in Bihar state this month obeyed Hindu extremist orders not to interfere as they beat a pastor and a Bible college student, sources said.

The Hindu extremists in the eastern state of India lured Assemblies of God pastor Ajay Kumar and a trainee to a marketplace in Begusarai on ....

Prime Minster Modi's group converts 53 families in in an attempt to make one Indian state ‘Christianity-free’

April 10 2017 Hindustan Times

At least 53 families in five tribal-dominated villages “returned to Hindu fold” in the last one month as part of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s “Christianity-free” block campaign in Jharkhand’s Arki, RSS workers have said.

The alleged ghar wapsi (conversion to Hinduism), sources said, would continue throughout April........

Christian Prayer Meet Called Off in Bengaluru Due to Threats from Mr. Modi's Political Party.

April 9, News 18 TV

A Christian prayer meeting was cancelled in the country's IT capital Bengaluru on Saturday after complaints were lodged that this could facilitate forced conversions in the city which was to host two American preachers for this event......

Lent services in a 100 year old church in the state of UP was disrupted by Mr. Modi's party members. Americans who attended the church service were questioned.

April 8, Times Now TV

Church services were disrupted by a group of men in Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adtiyanath’s hometown Gorakhpur’s Maharajganj on Saturday. People alleged to be the members of Hindu Yuva Vahini group, claimed that the church was holding a conversion ceremony....

NY Times Editorial: Mr. Modi’s Perilous Embrace of Hindu Extremists

March 23 2017

Since he was elected in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has played a cagey game, appeasing his party’s hard-line Hindu base while promoting secular goals of development and economic growth. .... his party named a firebrand Hindu cleric, Yogi Adityanath, as the state’s leader. The move is a shocking rebuke to religious minorities, and a sign that cold political calculations ...republic into a Hindu state.......

U.S lawmakers urge Rajnath Singh to lift curbs on Christian charity. The Hindu

March 22 2017,

“We believe that this action by Modi government against Christian aid agencies is an attempt by the political-Hinduism to hijack the rich religious traditions of religious Hinduism and the people of India,” he said. “The hardline approach of the Hindu nationalist government under Modi has the potential to cause serious damage to the US-India relationship,” said Mr. Prabhudoss....

More attacks on Christians are reported from different parts of India.

March 23, 2017

March 17, two missionaries were beaten severely and abused phiscially by a mob of about 20 hindutva activists at Begusarai, Bihar.

March 19, yet another incident took place at Begusarai, Bihar. The same 20 hindutva activists who attacked the missionaries also attacked Pastor Christopher and the members of the congregation during...

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