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Goa Cross desecration: Fact finding team questions the motive behind the arrest made by police...

July 17, Matters India

The team set up by the Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) and the Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) has demanded an impartial probe into the incidents.

A statement from the team says it “strongly feels that the arrest (of Francis Pereira) appears as a familiar script to similar crimes across the country to pacify the civil society and the affected communities and divert attention from the actual perpetrators.”.......

Pastor shot dead outside Ludhiana church in Punjab

July 16, Tribune India

The pastor of a local church was shot dead by two assailants at Peerubanda Mohalla around 8.45 pm today. The bike-borne assailants fired multiple shots at the pastor, killing him on the spot. The deceased, Sultan Masih, sustained two bullet injuries in the chest and one in the head.

Masih also runs a school for poor children inside the Temple of God church. He is survived by his wife Sarabjit and sons — Alishah (26) and Hanok (18).......

Modi’s Strongman Economics.

June 9, Opinion NY Times

Almost no new jobs have been created under Mr. Modi. In the late Singh years, economists say, at least 400,000 extra jobs were added yearly. In the last three years of Mr. Singh’s government, from 2011 to 2014, on average 579,000 extra jobs were added yearly in India.

That was far too few, considering roughly one million people join the labor force every month. But under Mr. Modi the job-creation rate has fallen, in effect, to zero. Data for 2015, the latest year for which they are available, suggest that little more than 100,000..

Cross desecration continues in Goa..

July 13, 2017

Two more crosses were found allegedly destroyed in Goa on July 13, about 10 days after a similar desecration was reported from the western Indian state with sizeable Catholic population.

The latest incident occurred at Loutolim village, some 40 km south of the capital.

Earlier desecration was at St. Jose de Areal and Gudi Paroda villages.

Goa has witnessed a spate of attacks on religious symbols since early July. At least 11 holy crosses and a temple have been vandalized by unidentified persons in South Goa district.......

Desecration of cross in St. Jose de Areal and Gudi Paroda by Members of Prime Minister Modi's party

July 2, 2017 The Hindu

Two separate incidents of desecration of the holy cross were reported from south Goa’s Catholic-dominated Salcete area on Sunday morning.Two crosses were desecrated in St. Jose de Areal and one in Gudi Paroda.

Confirming the incidents, South Goa Superintendent of Police Chandan Chowdhary said while people had 

gathered at St. Jose de Areal, there was no gathering in Paroda where only the platform of the cross has been damaged......

More than 22 incidents of violence by Prime Minister Modi's party members against Christians reported across India in the month of June.

June 30, 2017

June 29:
Pastor was beaten by a mob for engaged in evangelism at Bijapur, Karnataka.

About 20 members beloning to the Hindu radical group that is ruling India under Prime Minister Modi, stopped the pastor while he was sharing the gospel with the two villagers. He was locked up inside an old school building in the village and beaten with rods and whips untill 11 pm.......

STATEMENT: FIACONA is very disappointed in President Trump’s reluctance to openly defend the church in India..

June 27 2017

FIACONA is happy to note that President Trump raised concerns about anti-Christian policies and the Hindu radical vigilantism carried out by Prime Minister Modi’s supporters against innocent people across India, in a private meetings with him yesterday at the White House.

However, FIACONA is deeply disappointed that the President missed a historic opportunity to speak out openly against the devastating impact Hindu radicalism has on Christians in India.....

6 Christians Charged With Forced Conversions in India After Taking 72 Children to Vacation Bible School

June 27, 2017 Christian Post

Six Christians who were arrested in May for taking 72 children to a Vacation Bible School camp in Madhya Pradesh state, India, have reportedly been charged with kidnapping and forcible conversions as police refuse to recognize the children as Christians. 

"I missed my home so much — I cried every day, and prayed and prayed," Akash Gundia said. "Finally, the Lord heard me. I am happy to be back home." Gundia was one of the 72 children ....

Trump should figure out a deal to protect Christians in India..

June 24, The Hill, David Curry

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to meet with President Trump this week, a question is looming: what will President Trump say about the rise in brutal persecution of Christians, Muslims and other religious minorities in India? Can we expect the President to bring this issue to light, or let it linger in the shadows? As I saw firsthand in India, the ruling party of Prime Minister Modi does not even hide its agenda to drive out Christians by the year 2025. Major news media  ......


June 12 2017

Mr. Modi, the Indian Prime Minister of the Hindu nationalist party which calls Christ as a 'Demon' is scheduled to meet with President Trump at the White House on June 26.

The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations is gravely concerned about the legitimacy such a meeting brings to the radical ideology of Mr. Modi's political party. Mr. Modi's group is not only causing serious damage to the safety and security ...

Prime Minister Modi of India - a radical Hindu nationalist party leader to meet President Trump at the White House

June 12, 2017

The government of India in a statement announced today that Prime Minister Modi will be meeting with President Trump at the White House on June 26.

Mr. Modi who was banned from entering the United states for his involvement in inciting religious hatered against non-Hindus in India. He seeks the apporval and validation of the world leaders to his ideology.

Textbook in the state of Mr. Modi's Gujarat calls Jesus demon ..

June 8, Matters India

Christians in Gujarat has demanded withdrawal of a school textbook that refers to Jesus Christ as a demon whose stories would be remembered forever. The lesson appeared in the Hindi textbook for ninth grade under the Gujarat State Board. The education minister and the chairperson of the textbook board have said that the error will be rectified soon......

33 crore (330 Million) gods and goddesses reside inside cow’: Rajasthan HC judge who wants cow as national animal, life term for slaughter.

May 31, Hindustan Times

The order comes amid a fierce nationwide debate on a controversial central government notification that banned the sale of cattle for slaughter at animal farms. Angry protests have rocked Kerala and Tamil Nadu and other states such as West Bengal have rejected the rule on grounds that it violates India’s federal structure..

Christian children detained in India, state claims they are Hindu under the law

May 30, Crux Now

Christians have been facing increasing discrimination in different parts of India. In the latest incidents, children were prevented from attending a summer camp, because their Christian parents had allegedly failed to convert to Christianity “legally.” Police detained the children, and charged the men with “attempted conversion,” despite the fact the children came....

India Arrests Christians for Taking Kids to Bible Camps ..

May 30 Christian Post

Government authorities in India have arrested as many as 11 people for transporting dozens of Christian children to a Bible camp this month in the predominantly-Hindu Madhya Pradesh state, and have charged them with kidnapping and attempting to convert Hindu children. The New Indian Express reports that chaperones associated with a Bible camp in Nagpur were arrested earlier this ....

More than 27 violent attacks and arsons reported in the first three weeks of May alone.

May 28, Various Sources

The reports that reach us are shared mainly by victims themselves through social media and personal phone calls/emails as the  mainstream media has been refusing to write about these attacks fearing government reprisal. It is estimated that less than 5% of the attacks come to light while over 95% of such attacks and intimidation never reaches anyone outside of victim's own communities.....

As Narendra Modi completes three years in power, V. Kumara Swamy sifts reality from rhetoric and finds a government blundering on its core pledge

May 21, The Telegraph

From the time he was picked as the BJP's prime ministerial choice in 2013, Modi has remained the centre of the national discourse - the man who has set, through acts of commission and noticeable omission, the debate over where India is, or should be, headed. ......

Pastor in India Lost Hearing from Assault by Hindu Extremists ..

May 9 Morningstar News

Pastor Sikhandar Kumar in eastern India’s Bihar state lost his hearing after Hindu extremists assaulted him on church premises last month.

Doctors at a Hajipur government hospital and the District Superintendent of Police in Vaishali said that the loss of hearing and wounds on Pastor Sikandar Kumar’s body were a result of being beaten with iron rods and sticks,.....

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