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Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is a coalition of several Christian organizations of all denominations of Indian Americans across the United States and Canada.

It is a voluntary, cultural and charitable organization with an emphasis on advocacy on behalf of persecuted Church.


FIACONA is a bridge builder for ecumenical advocacy for the purpose of finding ways to reduce violence against Christians in India. In that way our work raises awareness of the rights of religious minorities in the U.S. as well.


The Federation counts over 450,000 people among its members living in every single state in the United States and Canada. Besides these Indian American Christians, the Federation also counts support from several thousand Christian churches and movements in every single state across the US.


Protecting the interest of two thousand year old Christian church in the Union of India; and ensuring the social, cultural and political space of the church, besides the fundamental rights to safety, security and equal status of every single person in the Union is protected remains paramount to FIACONA.


FIACONA was formally launched in 2000 as a reaction to the onslaught of violence perpetrated by Hindu nationalists against the Christian population all across the Union of India. The violence was more pronounced in remote areas of Northern part of the Union where independent church movements lack protection from local communities and administration in most cases.


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A 8-member fact-finding team unearths several cases of previously unreported anti-christian violence, rapes, "encounter" killings in the state of Chattisgargh.

June 14, 2016. Raipur. The All India People's Forum visited four disctricts of Bastar from ...Read more







FIACONA Condemns attack on Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

June 23, 2016, Washington DC. Syrian Orthodox church has a strong following among Indian Christians from the 1st century onwards and Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II is the leader of millions of Indian Christians. Read more






Catholic priest hospitalized after attempt on life in the state of Assam

June 21, 2016 Fr. Sushil John Soren, the 50 year old pastor of Bhirobkhund parish under Tezpur diocese, is currently undergoing treatment at Guwahati Neurological Research Centre after he was critically attacked by unidentified men.  Read more..






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Prime Minister Modi should try using his "holy book" sometimes, says FIACONA President.


Washington, June 9, 2016. FIACONA is deeply disappointed that the rhetoric of Prime Minister Modi does not match his actions. Mr.Modi yesterday told the Joint Session of the US Congress that he has a 'holy book' and that is called the Constitution of India. Mr. Modi further declared, the Constitution of India guarantees equal and fundamental rights to all its citizens.


Reacting to Mr. Modi's speech, Mr. John Prabhudoss said, he was happy to know that Mr. Modi's holy book is the Constitution of India and he should try using it sometimes.


Mr. Prabhudoss said, just keeping a holy book safe does not do any good to anyone unless it is used. He suggested, perhaps it would be a good idea for someone to try and teach Mr. Modi's followers what that holy book actually says.


To a question on why President Obama did not say anything in public about the religious violence in India, Mr. Prabhudoss answered saying that the President is on the record for anyone to know how he feels about the hate politics of Mr. Modi's party. He also said, his information from President's advisors show that the President did bring up his strong concerns about the hate politics in India and its potential impact on regional stability. Anyone denying it must not have been in the room with the two obviously, he said.

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