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For Immediate Release

Washington, DC, December 5, 2016


The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in India for Christian religious and social organizations.


We are witnessing unprecedented level of hostilities from government officials under Prime Minister Modi's leadership. The level of hostilities experienced by Christian organizations on the ground in India are very serious.


The BJP government, under Mr. Modi’s leadership seems to be aggressively clamping down on Christian aid agencies across India. It is a systematic campaign against Christian institutions expressly carried out by the BJP government.


The President of FIACONA, characterized the situation as a pure witch hunt by government officials against Christian institutions. 'The atmosphere in Delhi has been made toxic for International Christian relief organizations', he said.  


The BJP government under Mr. Modi which is sympathetic to Hindu radical groups are determined to inflict damage to Christian organizations. More than a thousand licenses and permits have been withdrawn in the past year alone by the government, sighting one or the other technical reason.  In almost all these cases, the government's paranoia over imagined conversion of people to Christianity  seems to be the root cause of their action.


Compassion International, a US based Christian aid agency which has been helping poor people in India for several decades is one of the latest victim of Mr. Modi's government decision. Even though Compassion International does not engage in evangelism or conversion, it is no excuse to ill-informed paranoid government officials who assume all Christian aid agencies to be working only to convert the people! The problems Compassion International facing in India is a symptom of a larger problem that is dragging India on a downward spiral.


FIACONA is fully supportive of the efforts taken by Compassion International and other organizations to address the growing problems they face. These aid agencies are helping the people at the bottom of the society in India where the gap between the poor and the rich has been accelerating at an alarming rate leaving the poor without many options to make a living.


India may have economic opportunities to offer, to international governments and business corporations, but we believe, India is moving towards a very bleak uncertain future that could become detrimental to the stability of the region, unless the attitude of the Hindu nationalist BJP government under Mr. Modi makes an effort to change for better. They need to realize that dependence on economic development alone is not going to improve the quality of life and peaceful existence for everyone in India.


Social enmity and witch-hunt promoted by the BJP government in power against Christian or any other group has the potential to destabilize a nation more than they realize. Such destabilization will not only negatively affect the lives of the people of India but it is also not in the economic and strategic interest of the US and other nations.


For press inquiries please email: press@fiacona.org or call 202-738-4704


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About us:


Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) is a coalition of several Christian organizations of protestant, catholic, pentecostal and independent denominations of Indian Americans across the United States and Canada.

It is a voluntary, cultural and charitable organization with an emphasis on advocacy on behalf of persecuted Church in India.


FIACONA is a bridge builder for ecumenical advocacy focused on finding ways to reduce violence against Christians in India. In that way our work raises awareness of the rights of religious minorities in the U.S. as well.


The Federation counts over 450,000 people among its members living in every single state in the United States and Canada. Besides these Indian American Christians, the Federation also counts support from several thousand Christian churches and movements in every single state across the US.


Protecting the interest of two thousand year old Christian church in the Union of India; and ensuring its the social, cultural and political space besides the protection of fundamental rights to safety, security and equal status of every single member of the church remains a priority for FIACONA.


FIACONA was formally launched in 2000 as a reaction to the violence perpetrated by Hindu nationalists against the Christian population all across the Union of India. The violence was more pronounced in remote areas of Northern part of the Union where independent church movements lack protection from local communities and administration, in most cases.

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